Gold and silver prices fell today after more aggressive buyers

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 45

Gold cast net October 19 hearing, US economic data released on Friday was mixed, market risk sentiment continue the good momentum of the previous day, but the dollar is still expected to boost interest rates rose slightly and lower risk appetite, both gold and silver volatility fell, on line are Yinxian.

The current gold price has risen for three consecutive weeks, rose to $ 80, the short-term there is a strong demand for a callback. This week the market will continue to focus on the economic calendar many US economic data, the market is expected to be high consolidation, need to guard against profit brought appearances pressure, operational thinking short rallies today, trading in risk control.

The world's largest gold ETF - SPDRGoldTrust ended October 19, gold holdings of about 693.75 tons, weekend lighten up 6.25 tons of gold ETF - SPDRGoldTrust the Opening unable to continue.

The world's largest silver ETF - iSharesSilverTrust silver positions reported 9802.33 tons, unchanged from the previous day positions, silver ETF - iSharesSilverTrus a longer period of time the position has remained unchanged.

Gold prices fall has not completely ended

Overall, the price of gold as well as the weekly uplink space, the date line, high cross star after falling for granted because when, but also a matter of course, on Friday, the lowest reach to MA5 moving average support, the overall pressure is obvious.

Gold prices in MACD MACD kinetic energy attenuation, sharp Guaitou RSI, Stochastic preliminary Sicha, the daily fall has not completely ended.

4 hours on the price of gold has taken the lead started down, the current has been beneath the MA20 moving average support, MACD Sicha lane extension running under the weekly stochastics, four hours the same weak performance.

Last week the price of gold today operation of the proposed single space continue into 1182 positions, see 1178 continue to short rebound today.

Silver prices fell to go first wave

Week online silver prices charged with a small positive column down the hatch, the whole or a strong form, especially long array of moving average from view than gold disc to appear emboldened enough, while the MACD MACD bang, random upward continuation indicators are highlights strong side contour of the pattern.

On line, the same late last week, weighed down upward enthusiasm, good solid silver prices over the short-term moving average, but from the short cycle indicators, the bulls are not optimistic, might have to leave early this week, a wave down.

4 hours, silver prices since the low bounce up 15.4 contact form still maintained under pressure last week, spot silver fell just a cover demand, weekly pay close attention to the area below the 15.6 support, the whole operation or more after the first empty . Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.