Pros and cons of what the big moral bank

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Pros and cons of what the big moral bank

Recently, 50, who lives in Zigong Lake County, 63-year-old Lake 朱幼萍 far from the hands of community workers took a barrel of oil. But from a barrel of oil is dark red book 'redemption' from. Passbook above is not saved money, but it is 朱幼萍 since January this year to participate in community patrols obligation to help people with disabilities do health, old SF activities in the community room on duty and other exchange able to save 'moral currency.' This is the beach town along Lake Zigong As far as the community was established in January this year, the community 'moral bank', the bank put the residents in the community of moral behavior converted into some points, quantification from 'moral currency' is stored in individual accounts, residents can rely on ethics in the account assets appraised first to redeem prizes and exchange services. At present, this 'moral bank' accounts have close to 1,000 people, hundreds of people long active savers. (October 19 WCC << >>


Positive energy can not be underestimated

Social transition, people impetuous, but good early heart everyone is saved. However, in the secular vision, even if you do things from the heart, still could not escape the question. Plus some individual negative events zoom, Out of helpfulness against being misunderstood worry, charity, courageous, road indignant roar fewer people, onlookers, many people watch. And this situation, it is the pathological characterization of the community. For the treatment of this kinds of diseases, many places are trying different ways to lead a positive social atmosphere and have achieved some success. Zigong Lake community as far as 'moral bank' is a good way, at least some people to wake up the sleeping kindness and conscience have a role.

True, you do good, not to receive the award and to do good. But this is the moment foster healthy social trends, one good way to transfer positive energy. We can not only see in the 'moral bank' accounts of residents busy integrating the whole family in exchange for the appearance of things, but also to see the plot of 'moral currency' brings good social atmosphere, such as party members and serving the people, law-abiding people in the community blood donation, to serve the residents, donations, lost money, children organize community library, care public facilities, participate in community outreach activities, in the accumulation of 'moral currency' in the process to develop a form of moral, imbued with positive energy, such communities can not you?

We do not lack good moment, good-hearted, but the lack of good action. Long in the hearts of good, after all need a little thing outside, thereby bringing endless positive energy. And these, mouth alone can not say, but can not take Old thinking in 'pointing country,' I personally do not need you to be underestimated 'moral bank' positive energy - and their standing 'moral high ground' jet 'ethical banks', as involved act together, to promote righteousness, transfer positive energy building blocks.

Wang Wenwu


Specification refinement mechanism needs

The establishment of 'moral bank', will help to stimulate the enthusiasm of the public volunteer service to the community, but only limited incentives honor certainly imperfect. Although volunteers do not do good deeds in order to get paid for the purpose, but let those who love to pay future may withdraw their deserved The service is undoubtedly the cause of voluntary service 'perpetual motion.'

Looking around the Interim Measures introduced voluntary service, the thrust is focused on the award honors volunteers eligible for the program and specifications, and a lack of volunteers to protect the interests of detailed regulations. Despite proposing to implement a hiring preference and other benefits enrollment provisions, without detailed Cohesion policy, fear is difficult landing implemented. That is to say, on the 'moral bank' business, it needs a 'Banking Law' to regulate. to reach certain points of volunteer service, not only to obtain material rewards, You can also enjoy free or discounted social services, such as haircuts, fitness, cinema, take the bus, scenic tours, healthy, etc. may wish to take 'time for integration,' the savings, to encourage the young, the elderly and the quasi-body health of the elderly, use of leisure crowd to have difficulty providing whatever volunteer service, they need help in the future, they can withdraw their accumulated volunteer hours to give the corresponding services.

At the same time, not only for 'moral calculus' of withdrawal to refine the specification of 'moral calculus' but also to build a complete storage mechanism as far as Lake Community 'moral bank' norm, in addition to doing community service can be included in ethics integration, the good deeds in the community outside after a verification can be included in the integration. This requires a complete set of identification rules and 'accounting' practices to avoid false impersonator, false accounting and other unethical good incidents occur, such as might occur in the outside community residents to do good deeds, which I do not want quiet, but there is evidence or declaration, although lack of witnesses, there should be a clear arbitration rules, which requires further refinement and good deeds recognized mechanisms to facilitate the actual operation.

Zhang Quanlin


Form than content

Nowadays moral scarcity, thus, various emergency projects have been started. 'Moral bank' is one of them, the moral bank tries to convert the outstanding ethical behavior can redeem points, rushed through the accumulation of these points come appraised, redeem prizes and exchange service. with material rewards to promote universal ethical behavior of people. But the problem is that by moral ethics will be difficult to save the effect.

I remember not long ago and a chat with the teacher, and he talked about the now very popular in some primary and secondary schools 'moral bank', many schools as a tool for moral banks moral character of students, but the teacher said, and this 'moral Bank 'and we were young, do good reward' small red 'approach is essentially the same as it is not? But we all know, a small red flower in our growth, and in the end played a role in how much is difficult to say, but its press' moral score 'to On the short length of practice, in essence, it is a kind of examination-oriented education. The result is that students fraud, not only cultivate good moral character, but bring a false and utilitarian.

Educated people do not understand, because only softly, subtle education can truly become a person's blood, a small red flower difficult to cultivate students' moral, ethical banks belong to a nature likely to change, how people conduct large it? Modern society governance a simple truth, ethics in other countries is to rely on something like 'moral bank' to save it? it as a product of the moral rule and the rule of law is simply out of tune.

Moral generated from people comply with the rules, when everyone follow the rules, then the moral nature will gradually return, which is called the rule of law. On the contrary, every day, people talk about ethics, but also obsessed with 'moral bank' so formalism, rules exist but become nothingness.

Liu Yijie


The credit is the diagram should be avoided CD

It should be said, 'moral bank' is facing the reality of operating problems, have birth defects. Since voluntary service can be deposited, 'bank', the quality and standards of voluntary service how to judge it? No matter the length of time reference service, or service How much content, it is not like money, with a clear definition of that standard. So under, volunteering is a dummy variable, the lack of fair and objective evaluation. At the same time, the volunteer services, the lack of external oversight and effective evaluation, with randomness and uncertainty, it is difficult to ensure the fair and equitable exchange of this voluntary service.

'Moral bank' facing operation constraints, it may make some 'moral counterfeit' mixed up. For example, in a small time, we often try to 'lost money' every day on the road 'pick up' a penny to the teacher. In fact, the so-called 'Jianqian' is nothing but a lie, most of the time we will be in the hands of pocket money to the teacher. So, in the 'ethical banks' have an interest in the reality of redemption, will There are some people deliberately creating 'moral counterfeit money' in the volunteer service behavior fraud, muddle through it?

In fact, the moral quality of the personal values of performance, not by the lure of material benefits and stimulation, driven only by the faith in front of volunteer service, good moral character can not be used as an equivalent to the exchange, it is not the object of commercialization. If the label placed on the moral of money, with the money to measure the moral, the moral of the original meaning has been misinterpreted.

From In this regard, the 'moral' and 'Bank' There is no relationship between the two bound together, it may fall to only 'money' is the cycle of the figure, and may even go the opposite of morality.

Liu Jianguo

A few words

So 'moral bank', and morality have anything to do?

- Wang Yu Qi

Morality is also possible quantitative indicators, also drunk.

- Wu Zhongkai

We have always said good things without asking, but that does not mean you can not return.

- Sherry

Support, do not always make good a disadvantage.

- Ma Yijun

'Moral currency' worth trying, the problem is that operation mechanism.

- Cattle ho

This 'moral bank' if it is highly publicized, will the economy of ethical behavior? If the ethical behavior of the economy, may do something contrary to the original intention.

- Zhao Xin

Since it is a duty, volunteer, you should thought of return.

- He Yufeng

Try it, hoping to change the current situation ethics.

- Wang Tong Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.