Commercial bank depository funds Nuggets P2P

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 54

Recently, Zhejiang Bank launched loan funds depository network integrated solutions, including bank custody, joint custody and account management three modes, from single serve to provide depository services to the P2P platform, extending to the P2P platform, The main participants in the third-party payment companies, P2P system developers and other P2P ecosystem provide comprehensive cooperation program. It is understood that in addition to Zheshang Bank, China Minsheng Bank, Guangdong Development Bank [microblogging], CITIC Bank, have also involved in P2P platforms deposit funds tube business.

General manager of China Minsheng Banking Asset Custody Department Zhang Changlin optimistic custody business development funds P2P platform: 'Minsheng Bank P2P system has been hosting on-line, and with a number of P2P platform to expand cooperation.' There are also taking into account the P2P platform bank depository funds risk business may face relatively cautious CITIC Bank vice president Guo Huai party said that for funds depository business P2P platform, at present, China CITIC Bank is actively planning, careful and enterprising, and prioritize risks to control.

For risk control, Zheshang Bank provides a person a, P2P platform of its own funds and funds transaction isolation, capital flow information flow matching and other safety precautions in the tariff, Zhejiang banks will loan the annual turnover of the network platform 1 ‰ or $ 30,000 / standard annual custody fee charged, for quality platform, we will give the optimal pricing policy.

'P2P industry's future or a great space for development, the Bank hosted its timely intervention can bring more business growth. At the same time, through the intervention P2P managed funds, P2P platform can help guard against industry risk, which is the banking support inclusive finance exploration. 'Zhang Changlin said the P2P industry, custodian banks involved in funding helps improve investors' confidence in P2P platforms. Since banks more stringent requirements for risk control, for hosting partner has some barriers to entry avoided many P2P platform regardless of size are in the same level of cut-throat competition, is more conducive to better qualified, standardized operation of P2P development platform. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.