In order to release the potential of the development of the public record

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The public record is to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation Peoples important support platform, is to help entrepreneurs Quick links innovation platform of various resources, help to reduce the cost of innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate public wisdom, prompting quickly into the market value of creativity or innovation.

At present, China has formed a mass start, the highly innovative momentum, vigorously promote the development of various types of public a platform to enhance the 'double hit' of the importance of the role of the new engine. With the 'Internet +' in-depth development of the various Internet-based public a platform for emerging, greatly reducing the public in the threshold of entrepreneurship and innovation activities and the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation massive rise in the first half of 2015 the number of newly registered enterprises reached 2.001 million, up growth of 19.54%.

At present, our public business, Peoples innovative development trend is rapidly developing, but all types of public a platform for the development of professional incubation system still faces difficult business innovation to meet the public demand for services, network public a platform to 'double hit' development supporting role needs to be strengthened, internal public a corporate management structure adjustment enormous challenges and other issues. break through the bottleneck of the public record, a comprehensive upgrade of the 'double hit' an important safeguard their ability to support the activities of the public record internet.

According to the above-mentioned problems, targeted to build and promote pluralism public a platform to further implement the important content of the 'Internet +' and 'double hit' of development strategies. Want to develop a professional space for the public record, to encourage the public a platform to promote the network, fostering the growth of internal public a three directions to develop 'double hit' Space.

Aspects of public space to develop a professional hit, to encourage various types of traditional business incubator platform to accelerate the transformation of Internet, encouraging all kinds of focusing public a virtual space in the development of online services, encourage record passenger space, coffee entrepreneurship, innovation workshops and other new Focus Creative space development. Overall, the public record in the professional space development, future trends and directions must be based on the Internet, in particular, to promote the 'Internet +' mass convergence in the field of entrepreneurship, highly innovative activities to accelerate development.

Encourage public a platform to promote the network, is to encourage large Internet companies, and other industry leaders through a higher level and broader scope, the greater the intensity of the open platform strategy, subject to all kinds of open technology entrepreneurship and innovation, development, marketing, promotion, etc. resources, build subject of development between the parties balance of the ecosystem, in enhancing the vitality of the platform, while providing support for the development of small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Develop internal public record, on the one hand, is to actively create a customer record within the enterprise culture, internal staff inspire creativity, foster promoting public entrepreneurship, innovation Peoples endogenous forces, on the other hand, we should encourage enterprises to actively explore restructuring and development, building corporate management structure to adapt to the Internet era and innovative mechanisms to create an open development environment.

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