English education to catch the Internet Express differences in market competition is the key

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As more and more people want to live and work in the real is fluent in English, traditional English teaching model is also changing, can learn anytime, anywhere, interactive online English education model more welcomed by the market -

As the links between China and the world more closely, people learning English is no longer just for examination or study, but also hope for the actual work and life, capable of better communication, better understanding of English culture. With Appeal to change people learn English, English education but also try out the traditional classroom model, relying on the Internet and smart phones, interactive stronger, anytime, anywhere learning.

This new mode of learning more fit consumer demand, showing an attractive market 'money scene.' Many traditional English training institutions have turned to the online platform, carefully explore online English education institution's management team is not difficult to find, each hierarchy has members from those people familiar with the English educational institutions: the former co-founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping is 51Talk investors, 51Talk COO Zhang Liming from Wall Street English ...... online education implantation genetic traditional English education, also shows the inevitable restructuring of the industry. At present, 51Talk, New Oriental Online [microblogging], Hujiang network as the representative, online English learning market, the pattern has taken shape.

English learning more convenient and efficient

Compared with the traditional English education model, equipped with the 'Internet Express' online English education many advantages: for students, the Internet platform allows one of the strong interaction becomes possible, for a long time without advance about class, do not need educational institutions dedicated to school, saving time and cost, anytime, anywhere high-frequency learning. For educational institutions, the cost of leasing office space is significantly reduced, more abundant resource teachers, hire foreign teachers is no longer subject to geographical limitations, direct overseas signing.

Through the Internet platform, the threshold for people to learn English and costs reduced, personalized individualized as possible. More importantly, the key to learning the language is the frequency of substantive contact with the language, and now people can through the smart phone, the use of fragmented time high frequency learning a foreign language, is to seize the key.

Liang Rini doing import in a specialized international trade company, she studied English at the English 51Talk worry has been a year and a half, has now reached 12 of the senior level. She felt that this line is very convenient way to learn English. ' Open 51Talk phone APP, by registering, I can choose the teacher and elective appointments, 25 minutes long - a lesson taught by independent research and development platform, or QQ, Skype and other software to complete the video teaching. This new way of learning is very for those of us who are working, because elective flexible freedom, I can enrollment in the work space, and the cost is relatively cheap. '

'China's English education market is becoming diversified, study abroad to learn English is no longer the most important market, China's young professionals need to learn English to enhance their career skills, many students parents think that children can not only test, more the need to communicate in English. '51Talk founder and CEO Huang Jiajia told reporters.

In order to meet market demand, 51Talk innovative online English education model. Currently, 51Talk choice of courses including the classic English, General English, spoken life, liberty conversation, interview conversation, Business English, English for Teens, current affairs English, tourism English, and various other aspect. In order to allow students to choose their own teacher, a teacher in the software interface settings avatar, user rating, good curriculum for students as well as to what extent the recent curriculum, students can listen to a recorded audio by this teacher to determine whether its pronunciation and express their love.

To enhance the quality of online English education, 51Talk developed a five-step approach, each step has strict rules, when the teacher online teaching is not what you want to talk about what to talk, but to meet the requirements of the course system, be based on lesson plans play. 'We have established the practice, learning, closed loop counseling and after-school review through the preview before class, students grasp the situation, so that teachers targeted, better counseling for students weak link, which is past the traditional age can not imagine. 'Huang Jiajia said.

Founded in 2011, mainly to provide English teachers worry 51Talk online English training 1 on 1 service, currently more than two million registered users, more than 4,000 foreign teachers, staff of nearly 6,000, has become the country's largest user, the most number of foreign teachers Online English education brand.

This online English training mode at the same time recognized by the market, and has also been favored by capital: 51talk true grid has received funds for the investment fund Heshun October 2014, 51Talk and Sequoia Capital lead investor in the $ 55 million C. round of financing, became the first single redwood in the field of online education. This year on September 16, 51Talk held a press conference in Beijing, officially signed tennis player Li Na as the company's spokesperson, fully open the Internet + universal learning English stage.

Differences in market competition is the key

Mobile Internet third-party data mining and integrated marketing agency iiMedia Research (Ai Media Consulting released << 2015 Chinese 'Internet +' educational research report >> display: 2014 China's online education market reached 126.4 billion yuan, in 2015 China's online education market will reach 171.1 billion yuan, an increase of 35.4%, user scale will reach 249 million people, an increase of 45.6%. In the 'Internet +' to promote online education market will maintain a rapid growth trend. online English education market No exception.

However, to the money market scene tempting slice of cake must be accurate understanding of consumer demand, good competitive differentiation. Combination of different consumers in different English learning goals, the major online English education institutions have targeted young children, Different areas of primary and secondary schools, exam class, business and other market segments Plough.

Aimed at 0-6 year-old baby English Enlightenment 'Jiliguala' mobile application APP, interesting songs, cartoons, stories and creating a lively locale, reducing child of English on the adoption of strangeness. This type of infiltration learning style is more suitable for children to learn the characteristics of English every day as long as 15 minutes to listen to or watch to complete the learning task.

Considering that many companies will CET certificate hiring university graduates as an important 'threshold', in May this year, Tencent JingPinKe officially launched 'College English rescue plan' into campus activities, combined with your education common for domestic students, Release the University CET free online tutoring courses designed to help students pass the English exam.

Some traditional English training institutions conform with the trend, have opened the online education platform, developed their own language training system, a representative is EF Smart15 learning system, this comprehensive course includes an online group conversation classes, online private conversation classes, small group tutorials Content counseling, exercise counseling seminar will combine online and offline education, adding the contents of the Internet in education on the basis of maintaining the original content.

After the completion of the original accumulation of users, online English education institutions have begun to explore more business models. Many educational institutions have opened shop experience under wired, 51Talk open cable under experience store in Beijing Jian Wai SOHO. Regional Experience Store Operations Director Zheng Junyu told reporters that the next two to three years experience plans to open 100 stores, in addition to major cities, the company will focus on the four-tier cities. experience-store experience VIP area will be set up to provide more humane, fine service . (Economic Daily News reporter Zhou Mingyang

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