National Development and Reform Commission will push ten initiatives to boost investment steady growth

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 57

Beijing BEIJING, October 19 (Reporter Zhou Rui) China's National Development and Reform Commission Xu Kunlin investment when the 19th Division told BEIJING reporters interview revealed that the National Development and Reform Commission has made it clear in the fourth quarter should promote steady growth of investment in each The primary work of the position of the item, the NDRC from ten aspects, lay investment 'combination punches.'

The first three quarters of this year, China's fixed asset investment (excluding farmers) increased by 10.3%, down 5.8 percentage points from the first quarter, the first half decreased by 3.2,1.1 percentage points. Among them, investment in manufacturing rose 8.3%, down 5.5 percent, real estate development and investment growth of 2.6%, down 9.9 percentage points, to invest capital in place an increase of 6.8%, 5.6 percentage points lower than the growth rate of investment.

Xukun Lin pointed out that, overall, China's investment growth rate continued to decline, greater downward pressure. But we must see, the investment structure adjustment and other positive factors are accumulating.

First, infrastructure investment contribution rate to rise further .1 September, infrastructure investment growth of 18.1%, the contribution of the overall investment rate of 29 percent, up 7.1 percentage points over the same period last year, played a 'stabilizer' key role.

Two new projects with total planned investment rebounded slightly. 5, 6, 7, 8, September total investment in new projects the cumulative growth rate of 0.5%, 1.6%, 2.4%, 2.7%, 2.8%, the fifth consecutive month rise.

Third, manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the gradual deepening of September, high-tech manufacturing PMI was 55.6 percent, up 3.4 percentage points to a new high this year, where pharmaceutical manufacturing PMI and the computer and communications industry at a high level.

Fourth, the real estate sales has been warmer .1 September, the national real estate sales area and sales growth of 7.5 percent, 15.3 percent, an acceleration of 16.1,24.2 percentage points, sales of commercial real estate development and investment will pick up somewhat positive effect.

Xukun Lin said that this year, in response to downward pressure on the economy, the National Development and Reform Commission in accordance with the State Council's plans and requirements, to promote the steady growth of investment as the most important work throughout the year, efforts to promote the major initiatives, mainly including the prompt delivery of special construction fund, a monthly dispatch 11 categories of major projects to accelerate construction package, the central budget for investment to accelerate the release, strengthen government bank and agency cooperation butt, lower corporate bond issuance threshold, vigorously promote government and social capital partnership (PPP project), adjust and improve the fixed assets investment project capital system, effectively promote orderly and effective decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization services to develop in depth, accelerate the construction of investment projects regulatory approval online platform, Duocuobingju form policy steady growth force.

Xukun Lin said that the future National Development and Reform Commission will continue to lay the ten aspects of the investment portfolio:

First, give full play to the leading role of special construction fund, called on all localities in strict accordance with the time limit to complete the third declaration.

Two is to accelerate progress in implementing the central budget investment plan, and effectively strengthen supervision supervision, accelerate the construction schedule, the formation of physical workload as soon as possible.

Third, we attach great importance to and conscientiously do a good job dispatching key projects, land acquisition and relocation coordination to solve specific problems and difficulties, to accelerate construction of key projects.

Fourth, accelerate the preparation of the rolling three-year investment plan, efforts to increase the project reserves, effectively speed up the preparatory work for the project.

Five is to accelerate investment projects regulatory approval online platform, ensure the realization of the country before the end of the year 'longitudinal through', and effectively improve the efficiency of project review.

Sixth, to increase funding to clean up the central budget for investment in precipitation intensity, timely adjustment of the urgent need for economic and social development, there is a funding gap of major projects.

Seven are in accordance with the principle of concentrating power, early start working next year's central budget for investment in support of the three strategies, new urbanization and the 'Thirteen Five' planning major construction projects.

Eight is to promote cooperation in government and social capital (PPP) mode, establish a reasonable profit model by exploring, establish and improve project library, to strengthen Recommend propaganda, effectively promote the implementation of the project ground.

Nine are continuing to promote decentralization discharge tube with optimization service, orderly, positive and steadily push forward the decentralization of investment approval authority to cancel the work, clear timelines and requirements to handle links, improve work efficiency and service levels.

Ten is organized 15 Steering Group, the implementation of the central budget plans and special construction investment funds, as well as other policies and measures to promote steady growth of investment to carry out the implementation of the national supervisors.

It is worth noting that the recent National Development and Reform Commission is working with relevant parties to promote the construction of major projects and special bond package work, the community is very concerned about, some voices believe that these measures may not be conducive to promoting reform and structural adjustment.

In this regard Xukun Lin said that promoting the construction of major projects and special bond package work are two important initiatives to promote investment steady growth conducive to promoting reform, structural adjustment, no, there was no obstruction of reform and restructuring issues.

National Development and Reform Commission jointly with relevant departments at select major national projects, mainly follow the following principles: First, the overall economic and social development, infrastructure, strategic significance, is conducive to the formation of new economic growth point, the second, conducive to adjust the structure, make up the short board, strengthen weak links construction, increase the supply of public services, goods, and the third, in line with 'five', 'Thirteen Five' plan and related special planning requirements, in line with national industrial policy, the fourth, have a certain basis for the work, through increased efforts to be able to advance as quickly as possible. Therefore, to accelerate the construction of major projects, targeted precisely to promote investment growth is conducive to fully play a key role in investment steady growth, help to increase the effective supply of public goods and services, promote transfer structure, make up the short board, benefit people's livelihood, is conducive to the formation of a new growth point, and enhance the economic development potential.

He disclosed that recently, the National Development and Reform Commission is working with the parties concerned, Speeding issuance of special bonds, put in special construction fund work in support see potential, there are rewards, do not add excess capacity, no duplication, no crowding The key areas of project construction. special construction fund from the Development Bank, Agricultural Development Bank were established by law, the main support shantytowns, major water conservancy, railways, airports, rural power grids, urban distribution network construction, urban rail transit, underground complex pipe gallery, city parking and manufacturing enhance core strength and other projects. special construction fund in accordance with the principles of operation of the market, taking the project capital investment, equity investment, etc., to ensure that the principal can be recovered and there is a reasonable return on the project selection to prevent those who may have excess capacity and redundant construction projects, ensure the formation of a reasonable and effective investment to facilitate structural adjustment, make up the short board, benefit people's livelihood, strong foundation.

Xukun Lin stressed that the issue of special bonds, put in special construction fund, multi-channel solve the problem of the project capital, is a major innovation in investment and financing mechanism that can quickly drive the bank loans, leveraging social investment, to play 'skillfully deflected the question' role, and effectively expand effective investment, Whether it is the key to the current pro-investment, steady growth, or laying the foundation for long-term, increase stamina, have a key role and importance. delivery situation from a special construction fund, to replenish capital projects to enhance the capacity of local investment has played a temporary relief role, has been welcomed by local government units and projects, greatly aroused the enthusiasm of the investment. (End) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.