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At the end of the first Hong Kong-listed mainland SSB Maple Leaf International School Education (01,317), food education mainland market continued the positive trend of rapid development, announced at the end of September the total number of students is 17,864 people, an increase of 3334 people a few days ago (23%). The total number of schools in China run to 46, increasing by six. Although net profit in the first half of slightly backwards, but is expected to stabilize future earnings growth, the company listed in the section will be changed to raise funds for international schools SSB's strategic investment prospects may look good. Takami had listed shares 3.1 yuan, followed by decline in recent months has been as low as 2.02 yuan before the rally on Friday to close at 2.63 yuan, up 0.16 yuan (6.48 percent), currently still low in listing price 2.88 yuan, it may designate position to absorb a target price of 3.2 yuan to see.

Mainland international schools market is highly fragmented, there are hundreds of international schools do, 2013/14 five years ago, the international high school sponsoring bodies to count a total enrollment accounted for 17.9% of the market, the market share was 9.0 percent of high school maple. Maple education establishment in 1994, is headquartered in Dalian, in 1995 the first Maple Leaf International School, is the mainland's first Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions, but also British Columbia, Canada's largest overseas schools, education get in, plus two recognized by the Ministry of Education. The first Students only 14 people, has become China's largest international schools and international high school sponsoring bodies (by enrollment count), there are currently 46 schools across 11 Chinese cities. unique teaching system brought good teaching achievement, graduation Students can apply for 26 countries, 531 universities, basically English-speaking countries and English-taught professional and non-English-speaking countries can apply according to last year's statistics, 51% of Maple Leaf high school graduates eligible for the world's top 100 university admission .

Students and tuition lifting large space

The top five in the Mainland International School (ranked according to the total number of students registered), the average tuition Maple Leaf education is much lower than the rest of the four, the average tuition only 15-30 percent five school tuition averages, because other major international schools For foreign and ultra-wealthy people. Maple education goal is to mainland middle-class households (annual income 30-5000000 yuan between), with these elite schools form a differentiated competitive landscape, and the target groups, which is a more large market. This year the high school freshman tuition fees generally rise, middle and elementary school tuition in some areas also raised the company's plan is that by 2020, the number of students reached 40,000. The company now has eight high schools, 12 junior high school, 11 primary schools , 13 kindergartens and two schools for children of foreign personnel, all schools are 'Maple Leaf' brand title.

Maple Leaf brand of education and the status of education in the mainland market, attracting local governments and developers to cooperate generally is funded by local governments or developers responsible for the land and construction of schools, Maple Leaf responsible for school maintenance, renovation and transformation, recruitment School staff and overall operations. On the one hand meet the local government investment and real estate development and utilization of real estate purposes, it also effectively reduce the company's capital expenditure, accelerate the rate of expansion of the school.

In November last year to 2.88 yuan listing

The company at the end of November last year to 2.88 yuan market, was raising more than 800 million yuan, mainly for the expansion of the school network, school refurbishment, acquisitions and repayment etc. half earnings as of the end of February this year, 300 million yuan (RMB below), press an increase of 23.5%, net profit of 56.38 million yuan, down by 8.7%.

Announced early last month, when the original prospectus about 26 percent for children of foreign personnel in addition to the acquisition of schools and kindergartens outside of school, and now with the investment strategy of overseas acquisitions for international schools and the school community in the major cities in the Mainland. Company May is eligible for inclusion in the MSCI China Small Cap Index constituent stocks. June announced that there are shareholders to sell 8300 shares, acquired by the Chairman Sherman Jen, its share rose to 54.43% stake in the company. (both) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.