Haikou, Hainan Pearl River Estate and Yaojiang garden owners invested 30,000 yuan to rebuild children's playground

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Haikou, South China Sea Network May 23 news (South China Sea net correspondent Sun thus rendering) May 23 afternoon, Haikou Yaojiang Garden Children's Playground very lively, and the Pearl River Yaojiang Garden District property owners have jointly funded the construction of a children's playground the day completed and launched.

It is understood that Yaojiang Garden residential construction in 2005 and 2014, suffered a cell 'Ramasun' typhoon hit hard in a long time in the children's playground facilities damaged in 2006, stationed in residential property management services in the Pearl River property after many renovations, ten years to protect the district's children have an outdoor recreational activities small world, of course, fun, good move is the nature of the child, it must be based on a children's playground for the children's safety first.

May 23 afternoon, Haikou Yaojiang Garden Children's Playground very lively, and the Pearl River Yaojiang Garden District property owners have jointly funded the construction of a children's playground and start the day completed. (Thus rendering the South China Sea net correspondent Sun photo)

The end of April 2016, Yaojiang Garden District in consultation with the co-owners of the Pearl River property, by the opportunity Haikou 'double hit' in the shortest possible time to purchase rides rebuild paradise. Under the initiative on behalf of the owners of hundreds of owners actively involved in crowdfunding, through our joint efforts, the owners fundraising volume has reached 20,292 yuan, 10,000 yuan Pearl River property initiative funded jointly raised capital of 300 million yuan. children's amusement park in the May 8 mother this section particularly interesting day smooth start, May 23 construction completed, the move brought the most intimate, the most warm '61' children's day gift for the community children.

In the afternoon, after the end of a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony, the owners and staff of the Pearl River property mutual handshake Thanks! Property Leader Yaojiang Garden District Director Lin said: 'For decades, the owners have been very understanding and support of the property company's work, to be like us like family, prompting property service personnel have a more full of passion for work, the district has so many enthusiastic owners and property companies to build homes, we have no reason not to get the job done. '

Mr. Nam behalf of the owners said that pay is mutual, years residential property service is very good, especially at work 'double hit', the cell increased security efforts, each of the water pipes, walls reinforced barbed wire, plus installed access control systems, environmental health, all service personnel dispatched to increase the frequency of cleaning up the district health corner, double hit by the requirements of the garbage room has been transformed, replaced the lid trash, hardened bare pavement, cleaning the landscape fish pond in the community cultural activities, in the district installed fitness equipment, co-organized with the owners, 'Meng Po Freaky tide dad - food flea market' community cultural activities, etc., although there are many of them work carried out practical difficulties, but all property services company to develop its personnel policy really expressed it: 'in 365 days devotion for millions of households to create a warm, comfortable environment,' so that the property owners voluntarily support the company.

Pearl Fu Fang Fang, deputy general manager of property, said Yaojiang Garden District 'double hit', the property company invested nearly twenty million, and further create a comfortable living environment into practical action for the owners, meanwhile, would like to thank all the owners of the concern and support of property service work, after the property services work, Pearl River Estate will continue to enhance the property service level, follow the company 'sunshine management, heart services, business intelligence, and common development' business philosophy, common to build a better home for the Haikou City, the smooth realization of the 'double hit' objectives of the work and make real efforts and contributions.

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Traditional Chinese: 海口海南珠江物業與耀江花園業主出資3萬元 重建兒童遊樂場