Twin town pond drowned overnight failed to find

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Twins pond drowned

Scene remoteness few dealings

May 23 at noon, the reporter went to the accident site Liu twins occur drowning, located in Zaozhuang City Taierzhuang town South Stream head of a village south of the pond. Pond stream from the first town about 5 miles, approximately 7 minutes to the nearest villages south village, about 2 miles away from the pond. pond 2 miles south of the mountain, the mountain has factories around the pond planted with tall poplars, as elsewhere wheat field , in addition to the fields of labor the villagers, few between.

Reporters on the scene saw the pond in which some natural river, there are two size basketball courts, both sides of the pond to be trimmed relatively flat cement, cement on both sides of the ladder, but the above have been covered with mud, on the north side of the stairs still dotted with countless footprints, should the salvage site. Reservoir southwest corner has a pump house, pump house outside the wall that read, 'pond water depth is prohibited aside the consequences,' the words. after the accident, the scene of the pumping , resulting in the current depth of the pond less than 1 meter.

Parents: no longer let children near the pond

Reporters in the interview, most of the neighbors have said that after this post, the future never let a child near the pond.

Stream head in town government, the staff said that it was at the pond irrigation project built a few years ago the water sector to provide irrigation water to nearby villages. Taierzhuang area because of the large river safety education for students each year before the holidays will be meeting stressed but I do not want such a tragedy happened. the staff said, the town Board of Education notification again today to strengthen safety education, at the same time, the town is also studying the next security deployment in the hope that no similar tragedy. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 雙胞胎水塘溺亡 全鎮尋找一夜未果