Hangzhou Bay Bridge North Terminal (Phase II) project under construction

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 479

Ningbo, China May 23 (Reporter Wang Lan) Jiaxing territory of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge North Terminal (Phase II) project has officially started construction. The project starting from the junction north of Hangzhou Bay Bridge project an end Buyun hub, finally Zhejiang and Jiangsu provincial boundaries Fenhu cradle Fair Island, Wujiang and Kunshan to section often Jiading Expressway Jiangsu phase, 27.6 km long line, two-way six lanes and a designed speed of 120km / h, expected duration of three years. that is He said that by the second half of 2019, Suzhou, Ningbo people starting to drive is expected to be reduced to about 2 hours.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge North Terminal twelve projects throughout North and South Jiaxing, and often high-speed G15w parallel with the rise in the exchange area, high-speed G15w increasingly busy, especially over the north of the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed, even on weekdays too more often occur in the congested state, the holidays serious traffic jam. 'a few years ago a holiday trip, my 7:00 am departure Ningbo result 21:00 was home, after a few years holiday I do not dare to drive home.' Zhejiang East five cities in a joint interview team members home in Jiangsu, staff members in Ningbo pleased to say, the future home can greatly save time.

Reporter noted, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge North Terminal project is almost a straight line, which has built a project about 20 kilometers, plus two new projects, as well as the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, a total length of about 85 km. From Hangzhou Bay Bridge at the southern end of the departure of Ningbo citizens, then we can open an hour straight to Suzhou.

Not only that, the future of Hangzhou Bay Bridge North Terminal project also is expected to become a 'tourist road' along which respectively after Xitang, Zhouzhuang and other famous scenic spots.

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Traditional Chinese: 杭州灣跨海大橋北接線(二期)工程開工建設