Transition of Hunan Vocational Education: force to break the bottleneck of employment promotion (Figure)

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Original title: Transition of Hunan Vocational Education: force to break the bottleneck of employment promotion (Figure)

Hunan Industrial Technician College students are training workshop. Li Junjie photo

Changsha Aeronautical Vocational and Technical College students were flight attendant training. Li Junjie photo

Transition of the Vocational Education in Hunan:: BEIJING, Changsha, May 23 (Xinhua) force to break the bottleneck of employment promotion

Reporter Li Junjie

In some car companies have been working for two years Li Tingke, originally a professional welding Hunan Vocational College Graduates in March of this year, Li for his re-enacted a new career planning:. 'Melted down' another vocational hospital school continue to learn welding technology.

Li Tingke 22 years old, is now Hunan Industrial Technician College welding professional short courses students.

Select Go Back, from Li Tingke job 'experience.' Lee said, after graduating in 2014, due to the practical operation skills, but hard, failed to finding a professional and business-related work at the end of last year, he was from the company leave.

'To go on a career path farther, must improve their.' Li Tingke said.

Li Tingke with like-minded, minority. Lee noted that only in recent years, and its like-minded and go to the same school studies recycled brothers, you have been a dozen.

Experts said that a long period of time, many employers find skilled workers, many workers because of poor technical skills and find jobs. Li Tingke were behind this 'melted down' phenomenon, which reflects not only the concept is becoming the employer and the employed, and more clear to the new employment situation, vocational colleges and universities are facing new challenges in terms of transformation and personnel training and other professional settings.

Professional Adjustment: crack homogenization ills

In some higher vocational colleges managers opinion, from a vocational college welding professional 'transfer' to another part reflects the professional setting of the Technician College Vocational Colleges same professional 'refresher studies,' a certain degree of 'common problem': similar professional categories, professional connotation irrelevant not new.

Started in the eighties and nineties Hunan Vocational education, the rapid development of specialty markets hope the 'wind' and 'dynamic' than vocational education divorced from local industry, has also come ills show: on the one hand vocational school culture excess personnel, student employment is difficult, on the other hand it is emerging enterprises, pillar industries extreme scarcity of skilled personnel, leading to the obvious contradiction between supply and demand.

'How active integration into national development strategies and regional industry trends, play to the combined effects of major construction, out of a local road of reform and development of higher vocational colleges?' Many people in charge of Hunan Vocational College respondents believe that this is both urgent crack the problem, they also pursued the goal.

Yueyang Vocational and Technical College president, said Zhang, through in-depth research and experts, according to the 'Misplaced Development', the school health services to build the main line of specialty systems and rescinded the 14 professional, added 11 professional, successful implementation of professional adjustment in the industrial transformation and upgrading.

The same as a local government-sponsored vocational colleges, located in Hunan province, Changsha Vocational and Technical College, specialty precision clear: butt industrial park, to serve the local economy.

The hospital close fit Changsha industrial transformation and upgrading and building 'construction machinery' of demand, adhere to the professional engineering machinery and automobile as the main development, engineering set down the road.

To meet the development needs, relying on the rapid development of industrial machinery and set up Hunan Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic, is a veteran of higher vocational colleges has more than 40 years of school history. The hospital party secretary establishment Ping, professional schools and Structure Adjustment always combined with Hunan economic development needs and the need to upgrade the industrial structure adjustment, built a deep integration of advanced equipment manufacturing industry chain group of professional features. the school is one of the first colleges opened Hunan industrial robot technology professional.

For the industry has a background in higher vocational colleges, the same professional faced with the urgent need to adjust and optimize the status quo.

Changsha Aeronautical Vocational and Technical College is part of the Air Force Armament Department, in March 1998 upgraded to higher vocational institutions, mainly responsible for training as military aviation equipment repair and technical skills of the local aviation industry, high-quality personnel tasks. Dean Zhu hopes that since upgraded to vocational college, the college has opened 33 specialty, but tight butt professional aviation industry is only 11, accounting for one third of all professional professional in bio-pharmaceuticals, accounting and many have nothing to do with aviation professional.

'Professional setting whether to provide effective services industry for the industry, is the vitality of the sustainability of key vocational colleges.' Zhu hopes to reports, the hospital has developed 2012--2016 years of professional adjustment programs, has revoked the aviation industry is not closely docking professional 22 one, the new aviation specialty 10.

Industrial Technician College by the Commission by letter of Hunan Province, Hunan Province in charge, according to actual economic development in Hunan, the formation of other chemical construction, electrical and information the four major professional group.

Talents: country craftsmen into a major mission

How to develop the next big country craftsmen make Chinese products and quality service to become the world's benchmark, which is the mission of vocational education.

During the interview, a number of vocational colleges manager admitted that, despite the current vocational college practice teaching very seriously, and constantly strengthen the practice of teaching reform and construction conditions, but demand higher vocational colleges, talent and enterprise, there are still certain gap. the reason is, first, skills not fully meet the actual needs of production, the second is the lack of good professionalism.

Cultivate the spirit and skills of the craftsmen and technical personnel, so that every student life color, to become a professional colleges nurture new talent issues.

Changsha Aeronautical Vocational and Technical College aviation enterprises learn advanced management experience, the introduction of China Quality Association star rating system, the full implementation of site management practice teaching star rating construction, teaching situation and the production situation highly consistent, and promote the students' vocational skills and professionalism double increase.

Changsha Vocational and Technical College To carry out international cooperation, deepen cooperation with the German Daimler-Benz's 'order training', universities and South Korea, Britain and other countries were to sign a cooperation agreement with the enterprise opened a 'class Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen class 'more than 10 orders orientation classes, but also to undertake a number of the company's new product development projects.

Hunan Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic and more than 200 units have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, through the shareholding 'Introducing Enterprise into School' in school cooperation to build a number of production-type training base, which greatly facilitates professional development.

To boost industrial development elderly, Yueyang Vocational and Technical College led the formation of the 'Yueyang City Geriatric Nursing Research Strategy Alliance,' the introduction of city-owned Assets Investment Management Limited funds, the only one to build the Hunan joint venture built by universities and enterprises aged care and pension institutions practice base - Cathay Pacific sunshine enjoying the hospital.

Changsha Aeronautical Vocational-led the establishment of the Aeronautical Vocational and Technical Education Collaborative Innovation Center relies on collaborative innovation center, the hospital hired the person in charge from the depth of docking, cooperative education enterprise as a Visiting Professor, School, hired production line technicians and craftsmen as part-time teachers .

Technicians and craftsmen Vocational and Technical College is the most attractive place. Li Tingke said she chose recycled relearning Hunan Industrial Technician College, Hunan, because there is a well-known master Wang welding skills.

In 2002, the production line for 15 years, Wang choose to teach in the school, he said, touching his own to work abroad production of ideas, whether from advanced than the safety, effectiveness or quality of the country, which made him feel necessary to allow more students to achieve a higher quality of 'Made in China' professionally.

Hunan Industrial Technician College Dean ZHANG Wen-bing told reporters that the school is because they have a group of teachers teaching the same as Wang, the formation of a high-quality, reasonable structure of teachers, it provides a strong guarantee for the quality of teaching .

Teaching Innovation: 'Quality' and 'skill' Parallel Development

Li Changsha Vocational and Technical College Automotive Technology freshman, he told reporters, in the classroom, can not see the traditional sense of classroom teaching, the students nor the traditional materials, some just study and work pages, information pages and projects operatives single, student teachers complete team arranged a work task.

'Before we are always waiting for the teacher's classroom roll call to answer questions, and now we have the idea to actively express.' Li said, the school introduced the teaching mode to 'Hug' mode, which is introduced from Germany, unlike traditional teaching, students will integrate sustainable development into teaching, the realization of 'quality-based, character-based.'

'Our goal is to students in teamwork under, responsibly, efficiently and independently complete the task.' Dean Changsha Vocational and Technical College professionals Zhang said that the current national professional automotive school project, a total of eight Vocational colleges use of 'Hug mode' teaching, only one in Hunan.

? Hunan Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic in intelligent control technology professional group active pilot 'Modern Apprenticeship' talent training mode. The hospital was established party secretary level, the school combined with actual businesses and schools, according to the professional job growth process, the implementation of 'three years three stage 'engineering culture alternately provided' professional experience, vocational adjustment, vocational integration 'three rotation stages, practice for two months, five months and eight months into the occupation stage, through internal and external alternating, professional & enterprise good interaction, so that students' professional capacity screw lifting.

However, the president of Changsha Vocational and Technical College professionals Zhang opinion, with respect to skills, quality employment and development for vocational students, has the fundamental and decisive role.

? Relying on the geographical and cultural advantages of Lei Feng hometown, in March 2013, the hospital creatively put forward the 'Lei Feng cultivate professional people' philosophy of education, and presided over the College of Political Education Demonstration Project for College Students 'Lei Feng Profession - man project 'as the carrier, joint' other universities 'Lei Feng professional people carry out a comprehensive quality training activities.

Future of vocational education: the need to build a modern vocational education system

Compared to the higher vocational college, vocational school development path to be much more hard.

In this regard, Changsha County vocational secondary school principals Lee deep. He said that some local vocational school, students come from relatively simple, mostly concentrated in the area. And some remote county, there are still aspects of school conditions and requirements, etc. insufficient, to some extent, restricted the development of the school. on the other hand, the pressure on employment vocational school face greater challenges.

Lee suggested that the current age of small vocational school graduates, about 18 years old, is still not mature enough mentally, skill learning is also not enough. He hopes to promote the '3 + 1' model, continue to remain in the vocational school sequence, but it took three years plus one year post school training approach in running stronger county (city) district to expand the pilot.

For the development of vocational education, vocational education has many years of experience of Zhang believes that the construction of modern vocational education system, the institutions need to take the initiative to integrate into industrial development, the formation of a personality characteristics and regional characteristics of the professional system. The only way to achieve dislocation and coordination development of.

Development of Vocational Education Teachers urgently needed highly skilled personnel into the school is difficult, it is Hunan Industrial Technician College Dean ZHANG Wen-bing biggest confusion. He said the current vocational school teachers to introduce highly skilled personnel is high academic teacher talent is much more difficult, on the one hand is derived from the policy bottlenecks, there are a lot of technical expertise of highly skilled personnel without the required provisions recruitment of highly educated, the second is the treatment, school autonomy is not enough, there are not enough funds to hire a professional to meet the teaching requirements of highly skilled personnel as a teacher.

ZHANG Wen-bing also proposed, should be established. 'Vocational - Vocational - Undergraduate Applications' unimpeded entrance channel, providing a platform for further education students in vocational skills of the platform must be included in the assessment, can not return to the stereotype of the college entrance examination (End). Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 湖南職業教育的轉型之路:力破就業晉升瓶頸(圖)