Provincial Civil Affairs Department residency teams care for children left behind a solid job of work

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 493

May 17, the province held a teleconference on the province's rural left-behind children care protection. In the afternoon, the provincial Civil Affairs Department residency teams Zhuazao move fast, quickly implement the spirit of the meeting, meticulous arrangements, organizing and coordinating the provincial Charity Association rate charity culture Research Center, Northwestern University, the provincial Civil Affairs Department went to the provincial poverty alleviation in rural villages to carry out research activities on children left behind.

Luo Luonan County in stone Pozhen Yaocun, village-based Task Force and the Provincial Charity Association and his research group Luonan County Civil Affairs Bureau, the county Humane Society, stone slope town party committee, the village is mainly responsible for the loss by deep pit village Luo children left behind Fanrui Yang, Zhang Yalan, Shaomeng Yan family, make and visit, demand research, face to face to listen to children and families guardian opinions field study rural areas, especially left-behind children in poor mountainous presence of family loss, learning disabilities teaching, psychological imbalance, guardianship weakness and special problems and other issues.

After the investigation ended, the conference room in the village, was held 'for tomorrow - child-friendly' province charity project funded preliminary work butt forum.

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Traditional Chinese: 省民政廳駐村工作隊紮實做好留守兒童關愛工作