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American economist Fuchs pointed out:.. 'The service industry is the process of promoting the growth of other sectors of industry, the service sector is the economy adhesives, is to facilitate economic transactions of all industry, is to stimulate the production of goods impetus' in the industrialization and urbanization stage, and the service industry as a service industry and supporting the development of the city has a strong industrial dependence, and when urban development into the later stages of industrialization, the service sector as a tertiary industry gradually embarked on independent self-development, self-improvement advanced stage, as demonstrated by the spontaneous development of urban services to the state of conscious state of development of the tertiary industry, the most directly reflected in the evolution of urban services and deepening the process of content, especially in industrialized late in the service sector in the national economy showed a rising trend, the national economy 'backbone.' urbanization 'baton' and thus spread to the service sector, which continue to drive by it.

If the expansion is brought about by industrialization and increased the number of cities the size of the city, namely the amount of urbanization in the expansion, then the development of the service is to improve and promote the people's living standards improve software and hardware facilities of the urbanization, That is mainly for the urbanization progress in quality, because most of the labor-intensive service sector and knowledge and technology-intensive industry, not only to attract more workers to employment, an important factor in accelerating the urbanization process, there will be help to improve the quality and efficiency of operation of the entire national economy.

Role in promoting the services of urbanization mainly in the following aspects: first, the development of services to promote the city's economic aggregate benefits realization process of urbanization is a variety of economic factors continue to focus on the process of the city, the city has such a powerful attractive because the city has the aggregate economy and the economies of scale features can lead to higher factor income. support urban agglomeration economy is inseparable from the formation of the service industry. services has two important characteristics, namely, the production and consumer high degree of identity in time and space, not like the service sector as in the industrial production of a to B to consumption, the second is the minimum required 'Getting Started population' that is, the population must be concentrated to a certain size, services to profit in order to operate as an industry. So, naturally there are services to urban aggregation requirements by providing services and services for industrial and urban infrastructure, and enhance the attractiveness of the city, provide the impetus for urbanization when industrial development to a certain stage, when the division became the prevalent form of production organization of society as a whole, its various prenatal and postnatal services will inevitably raise comprehensive and high efficiency requirements, such as the need for fast, low cost, large load of transportation, guaranteed investment reduce the risks of financial and insurance industries, while increasing, increase national income also stimulated the consumption of all kinds of life services, such as large-scale development of health, education, food and other industries. these industries for the industry to provide services, formed the city's infrastructure, such as: transportation infrastructure, utilities, and information industry facilities, make the city more complete industry, production and life more convenient, more powerful, attractive to increase, so that post-industrial urban development found 'rely on industry' so that urbanization continue to develop as possible.

Second, the services sector to stimulate economic effects outside the city in the urban economy, external economic effects are often more prominent external economic effect refers to a unit of internal efficiency is not paid by the unit cost of bringing internal, but its external economic activity brought about, not by money or market transactions reflected in the external economic effects from a considerable part of the city's urban service: a high level of education and good health conditions, the urban labor force with high quality, developed market system, a complete range of utility services system greatly reduce transportation and transaction costs, information-intensive and advanced means of information dissemination so that enterprises tend to reap the profits without paying the cost. the higher the proportion of urban services, external economic effects the greater the higher the aggregate effect of the city.

Third, the service sector play in promoting the diffusion effects of urban economy. Economic growth is not present in all places, but in different intensities first appeared in a number of growth or growth pole, a certain district, then through different channel diffusion region to the edge, and generate the final impact on the entire economy. cities can play a role in this growth pole, and its rise to the development of neighboring regions to form a diffusion effect, while the service sector is an important condition to achieve diffusion of transportation, communication the development of services, and the various elements of financial market development, is a prerequisite for the transfer of production from the city to the edge of the area. the more developed service sector, the greater the diffusion range of the urban economy. contemporary developed countries appeared on the outskirts of the urbanization or called inverse phenomenon, the result of the development of the outskirts of the city or make megalopolis with a population appears while the modern industrial machine production to its material and technical basis, need some money, many industry technical point scale, with the service sector, especially in traditional industries labor and capital have relatively easy access to the features in stark contrast. Thus, in the capital, inadequate technical condition, although it is difficult rapid development of secondary industry, but especially to promote the development of service industry through urbanization traditional service.

Fourth, the follow-up services to bring the power of urbanization. Highly developed socialized production requires the city to provide more and better support services industries such as finance, insurance, technology, telecommunications industry, commodity circulation requires warehousing, transportation wholesale, retail services, marketing services require advertising, consulting, journalism, publishing industry, higher degree of specialization, the more requires collaboration and exchanges between enterprises, require more developed market service system. with increase revenue and increase leisure time, people seek more and more colorful material consumption and spiritual enjoyment, thereby promoting the development of urban culture, education, sports, entertainment, health care, tourism, legal proceedings and other industries. in particular, in order to network as a rapid transfer of modern financial intermediary, consulting, trade, information, culture, tourism and other services has become an important industry in the knowledge base, knowledge of the proportion of the service sector rising.

Service industry has a wide coverage, in the form of flexible, large-scale characteristics of employees, their level of development is a measure of the level of urban modernization, comprehensive economic strength, an important symbol of urban competitiveness, it is the inevitable requirement of urbanization development. The development of the service can be improved quality urbanization. industrialization to a certain stage of development, manufacturing services phenomenon will occur, including input and output services of services while the city is the base services. urbanization improve urban services development inevitable requirement from nationals economic view, it appears that is the proportion of GDP of the national economy in the service sector increasing day by day, even more than the situation of agriculture and industry. the rapid development of service industry to give a new dynamic cities, urbanization into a higher level, from urbanization not open industrialized, but China's future urbanization dynamic mechanism not only by industrialization, not all regions have built a manufacturing center, but also need to rely on to develop the service sector. the current per capita in China has reached US $ GDP3000, urbanization the level of more than 50%, service industry role in promoting urbanization will play a leading role as urbanization. international experience shows that the subsequent power depth leap, when the urbanization rate reached 50% in the future development of the service should be big periods, such as after the Japanese town of service industry is three times as industrial output, Germany is about 2.68 times that can be expected, boosting the service sector will be the future of China's urbanization next main engine.

The more developed city services, the city, the stronger adsorption, factors of production to urban agglomeration faster. Premier Li Keqiang it clear that should promote urbanization and prosperity services combine to strengthen policy guidance and institutional mechanisms innovation, and fully tap the potential implication of the release of which this stage, China is in the middle and late industrialization, therefore, to speed up the process of urbanization, vigorously develop the service industry must rely on, and strive to promote the services sector through a variety of possible ways and the process of urbanization continued, coordinated and healthy development source: People's Daily Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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