Spiritual electronic joint venture subsidiary focused solutions for visual cognition

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Electronic Meditation (3004795 May 23 evening announcement, the company and Shanghai, according to Network Technology Co., Ltd. ( 'Shanghai by map' on May 23 in Beijing signed a joint venture agreement << >>, they intend to jointly set up in Beijing. ' Meditation according to FIG cognitive technologies Co., Ltd. '(' JV ', mainly engaged in visual cognition solve the development, production and sales program products joint venture company with registered capital of 10 million yuan.

Among them, the mental state electronic cash invested 5.1 million yuan, accounting for 51% stake in the joint venture, Shanghai, according to FIG invested 4.9 million yuan in cash, accounting for 49% stake in the joint venture.

According to both parties, Spiritual Electronics will provide the joint venture products for the intelligent terminal hardware, Spiritual electronic authorization of such a joint venture with the terminal device related software, and to provide the software with such terminal equipment related to the joint venture and technical support, according to the Shanghai joint venture plans to the joint venture company to provide the required software products, licensed joint venture company to use its existing intellectual property rights, and to provide technical support and keep continuously updated its software joint venture.

The joint venture will be responsible for the joint venture products, sales and marketing, Spiritual Electronics and Shanghai, according to FIG agreed to work together to promote joint products, sales and marketing, and to production and sales joint venture products to provide the necessary technical support to the joint venture companies, training and assistance .

Statistics show that Shanghai's main business is in accordance with plans to develop network technology in the field of science and technology, technical services, technical advice, transfer of technology, computer hardware and software design, development, sales and network engineering. Shanghai, according to Figure 'change visual human-computer interaction 'as the goal, computer vision, image understanding and distributed intelligent video systems research and big data applications, is currently the world's only able to face and vehicles accurate identification of the company.

Spiritual Electronics said that the two sides set up a joint venture in order to give full play to the company in the financial, public security, communications, human social, medical and other industries field identification solution providers and service providers the advantages of Shanghai, according to FIG play in computer vision, image intelligent video understanding and application of distributed systems and the advantages of big data, work together to promote artificial intelligence, depth of integration and identity cloud together to create a 'terminal + platform' for the form and more differentiated and competitive visual cognition solutions, promote new technologies and business model innovation finance, public security, communications, human social, medical and other industries.

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Traditional Chinese: 神思電子合資成立子公司 專註視覺認知解決方案