Retail enterprises in order to "save the day" must learn precision marketing

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In August 2008, Victor Mair. Schoenberg and Kenneth Ku Keye proposed the 'big data' concept, which is the global market economy has brought a 'cleansing', 'big data' the era of the old saying goes: emptive preemptive then in people, especially in the retail sector in this melee, each company will be able to dream of 'foreseeable future', so the 'big data' business transformation to become even whole channels 'help straw ', after all,' evidence-based 'forward-looking forecast of' no business is not difficult, 'the retail industry has a fatal attraction, seize the data, with big data, it is equivalent to seize the opportunities. ICP German software company has done forecast: large companies will be increasingly fast demise, the new company will be more fast forward, then, the era of big data companies exactly how to survive it.?

Change ideas, goods from business to business customers

Retail essence is a commodity, it is beyond doubt, how to sell out the goods, closer to the consumer, the biggest challenge is the era of big data companies face.

Because every time a consumer purchases, buying cycle, brand preferences completely different, so the traditional marketing methods, mostly mass marketing, but to make big data 'one to one marketing', 'personal marketing' has become a reality, big data marketing subversion of the nearly half-century marketing theory 4P, product, price, place, promotion become: consumers, effectiveness, steps and forecast 'businesses should from the past 'the commodities' turn to human-centered thinking 'customer management' of thinking ', MIGO power typical CEO Chen Jiehao told reporters,' we help companies do a southwest activity prediction, so that this company's customer retention rates raised to 1.7 times before, but has been able to do this, is that we use a large forecast data, we know who will come after seven days, who would not come primarily for these people to do the activities, to achieve precision marketing ', that is to say, in order to achieve precision marketing, enterprises must make use of data from large customers real trading data, calculated for each consumer's next purchase time, calculate what raised awareness programs allow consumers are willing to re-consumption, large data speculated customer preferences, empirical data on consumer behavior, to help companies achieve precise marketing.

(Power Code CEO Chen Jiehao

From simple to complicated, identify pain points in order to seize the initiative

'It is called Big Data, is complicated because the kind of data, but when you apply it, it becomes a little data,' Chen Jiehao says in an interview with United Business Network interview with reporters, 'At present, the domestic retail business data basically transactions, membership data, but they do not know how to use, if large companies will use the data, we should seize the corresponding data problems, and know exactly what you want to solve the problem, a rich portrait of the guests, with internal data and external data binding are forecasted guests what they want, what to do next, how to better services. 'in Chen Jiehao opinion, data analysis is more important should be the quality of data, rather than the size of the data in big data where only 20% of the data will occupy up to 80% of the value, small and accurate data, in fact, higher gold content, MIGO power Code to do is to help companies of these data 'processing,' to improve the gold content of the data. a clever businesses must know what consumers want, and more important to know why? Why customers buy, why buy at that time, the customer is more understanding of customer needs to grasp more accurate.

At present, China has entered the 'Marketing 4.0' era of data, which will break the conventional commercial operation of logical thinking, change 'guess' as 'forecast', and large enterprises to forecast data is the secret weapon. 'Prediction focuses on the customer's forecast Next, companies often pay more attention to internal data, external data but allows more accurate prediction 'to the life of the most commonly used phone, for example, the phone line derived from the life of the owner radius, moving radius, brand preferences and other data, this enterprises to even precision marketing is important for future development of enterprises, the data is that these social media and mobile media produced, can we really come to find that the era of big data.

Seize the opportunity to win the next battle

Data is not only used in post-mortem analysis to solve the problem, the real power lies in the data to predict in advance. 'In the retail industry, for example, I can use the data to help companies predict business is good or bad, even where good business, and good high margin products or the amount of product, 'which is the power of big data, with Chenjie Hao's words,' we do business according to the forecast out, make the appropriate adjustment programs, so that enterprises to seize the opportunities ', and the future of business war, to seize the initiative is equivalent to seize the lifeblood of success.

That is, MIGO typical power has been achieved using a large data from real customer transactions, the next calculated for each consumer to buy time, at what time to provide what customers would be willing to re-awareness programs consumption, according to forecast data customer behavior, increase the turnover rate, such a large data applications, so brands have success in the future competitive advantage, so that a commercial war already at the starting point on the separation of the outcome. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 零售企業要想“化險為夷” 必須要學精準營銷