Tesla CTO: market demand enough to consider another job in China factories!

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Tesla CTO: market demand enough to consider another job in China factories! src = 'http://images2.china.com/grab/img/20160523/93251464004902.png'>

IDG May 23, the US << Fortune >> magazine website recently reported that leading US electric car company Tesla CTO Straw Bell (JB Straubel) in Leipzig organized by the 'International Transport Forum' (InternationalTransport Forum revealed that, if the demand of the Chinese market to a certain number, the company might consider the local plant construction.

However, we are unclear Straw Bell called 'a certain number' exactly how much, but the Chinese market has become a Model 3 models not yet released the second largest predetermined area.

It is worth mentioning that, before Bell's comments come in the Straw, Tesla CEO of Global Sales - John McNeil (John McNeill) has just recommended that companies set up factories in China to increase capacity, to meet the global consumer the huge demand Model3 and just last year, Tesla CEO Andy Herron - Musk (Elon Musk) has hinted that the company plans to build factories in China in 2019, and even news that Tesla has begun to build in China plant and launched a site work.

It should be said, Tesla had not gone smoothly in the development of the Chinese market. By 2015, the company failed to reach sales targets China region and carried out massive layoffs that time reported that Tesla number of layoffs reached the total company China more than 30% of the population. in addition to the technical support and a few other related departments, including the department of marketing, public relations, legal, administrative and marketing systems are downsizing if Tesla was calculated in accordance with the scale of Chinese employees 600 people, the layoffs involving a total of 180 Chinese employees. So be sure it comes as the company once again considering expanding operations in China are inevitably accompanied by huge risks.

On the other hand, in order to solve the increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, the Chinese government is through a variety of subsidies to develop the electric vehicle industry. Among them, the investment by several capital including Tencent and Gao Ling of Chinese Internet giants, including financial and investment institutions new energy automobile manufacturers, 'Wei to car' (NextEV Tesla in China has become the region's most competitive opponent.

Sources said, 'Wei to car' R & D team of more than 500 people, a team of hundreds of international R & D personnel are from the senior members of the traditional automotive industry, including BMW, Tesla, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, Fiat and Chrysler PSA Peugeot Citroen of a number of experts, and the company has been in Munich, Silicon Valley, with offices in London Shanghai team.

It is foreseeable that, if future production Model 3 is still concentrated in the California area, it is clear that Chinese consumers than American customers wait more time to get the car, and this could lead to potential Chinese customers Model 3 toward competition opponents arms.

However, Tesla sought factories in China will also bring some new problems, as factories in China to some extent implies the need for a local partner to share with some of the core technology, and Tesla is a clear need to meet the capacity and abandon between the core technology to find a balance. (Tom

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Traditional Chinese: 特斯拉CTO:市場需求夠高就考慮在中國建廠!