Southern part two online platforms merge into a part-time market consolidation trend

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Jinyang News correspondent Mo honor Rong, Yang Lu interns reported: Yesterday (23, a part-time internet recruitment platform part cat and part of the merger agreement signed, will be completed with a part-time up to 'merger Recently, at the same time, part-time cats also announced the launch of three new board listed on the related issues. It is reported that, part cat and part of people in southern China online market share of part-time breakdown of the first and second, part-time cat CEO Wangrui Xu said that the cooperation of people with part-time will be more part-time consolidation of cats in southern China's advantage.

'Part-time cat' App in September 2013 on the line, is the first to do a part-time recruitment platform mobile enterprise. Line less than three months the product will be awarded by the Shenzhen Innovation Investment valley one million angel round, the end of the same year also received a round of financing of 20 million yuan from the Shanghai Zhi letter capital investment, now completed four rounds of financing, the latest round of 6300 a + million round of financing. currently, the number of part-time cat before the user reaches 6.82 million, of which 250,000 business users, the number of daily active users reached 19 million. the same platform for the online part-time part-time recruitment of people in May 2015 on the line, the same year in October to get ten million Pre-a round of financing, the valuation of the company billions of dollars, Shenzhen is the largest local part-time O2O platform.

Turning to bilateral cooperation, Wang Ruixu said that part-time aspects of the distribution market, the demand for part-time MERCOSUR than Norinco, merged with part of people, that is, the market share of the South business combination 1, 2, and further consolidate the position of the Southern part of the market, market share has also improved. 'in business, part-time cat advantage of retail, stores, exhibition planning, real estate and the Internet to push part-time, part-time and Daren advantage of part-time performing arts and exhibition planning, mergers strengthening the exhibition planning services part-time strength, but also expand the entertainment part of the business. '

'Through the integration, within six months we will part-time business integration of people into the part-cat, the whole project is expected to be completed within four months after the acquisition, we will retain part of people's brand, launched a part-time cat 'part of people' welfare plan, mainly related to the school's student grants and loans. 'Wang Ruixu representation. It is reported that M & a matters will be completed in two months, nearly ten million transaction amount.

Part-time industry belongs to business services, blue collar employment, economic and other fields to popular sharing, abnormal hot industry in recent years, while the industry reshuffle is also accelerating the integration of industry resources or become a trend. Wangrui Xu said, 'after 'part-time Internet +' more fiery, it attracted many investors and founder, so a lot of time out of part-time team, but many teams are either offline business ability, either online understand marketing, but do not work well at both ends of the data matching platform running water is difficult to run, churn is also large, with investors cautious gradually, so many teams forced out. and now each platform pattern is not a huge difference, the market integration of resources will be more important, between the team pushing into each other to maximize their own resources and improve efficiency can better develop. '

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Traditional Chinese: 華南地區兩大在線兼職平臺合並兼職市場行業整合成趨勢