Take China in the international diesel car purchase tide

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 14

China Securities Network (Reporter Wang Yan October 19, reporters from China who was informed of Vehicle Group, due to the large number of online running locomotive in five years would 'honorable retirement', the world will soon face a replacement locomotive peak. In response to the internal combustion locomotive purchasing frenzy, China is focusing on the development of the car for a personalized locomotive around the world, deepening the market development, driven by the output of goods and shift to export 'product + service'.

Locomotive mainly rely on oil to provide power, and rely on electricity to power electric locomotives together constitute the two major railways in the contemporary world 'locomotive family.' In recent years, a number of railway electrification realized, but diesel is still active force in the world of railway trains.

According to the German consulting firm SCI Verkehr report, the current global railway mileage of more than 1.23 million km, of which 73% of the non-electrified railway railway, requires operators to diesel. Diesel Locomotive about 12 million units, with an annual capacity of 10 billion US dollars market , of which the locomotive new and updated $ 3.5 billion, $ 6.5 billion maintenance and service. It is worth noting that the average age of locomotives worldwide has reached 25 years, the estimated useful life of 30 years by diesel locomotives, the future will faced with a large number of replacement locomotive diesel locomotive flexible, line construction and low cost in the future for a long period of time to keep pace with the electric locomotives in the United States, South America, Australia, Asia and Africa, have shown a strong diesel growth. With the global popularity of the concept of energy saving, emission standards for diesel locomotive is being improved, hand in hand smoke, noise raging 'old image' is gone.

China is a major provider of master and diesel locomotive of the world. China has not only successfully created the world's largest diesel power, has also developed a high altitude, cold, wind and sand and other distinctive adapt to a variety of climate and environment of internal combustion locomotive, but around the world to provide various types of diesel in the EU, China has got to pass European countries, diesel vehicles in China for the European offer, the level of carbon dioxide emissions to a minimum, meet the 173 EU standards for diesel locomotive provided by Argentina, meet the requirements of solar radiation at high altitude and prevent acid rain corrosion demand in Australia and New Zealand, China-made locomotives has become absolute main transport in many parts of the world, 'Made in China 'locomotive has become synonymous with advanced equipment.

In response to the diesel locomotive is coming wave of international procurement, China in Qishuyan company, Dalian company, February 7 Locomotive Company, Ziyang Locomotive companies, production enterprises, is focusing on research and development to adapt to a variety of climate and environment, and run a variety of gauge Locomotive under conditions around the world, especially for the BRIC countries, 'along the way' along the national and regional vigorously marketing, promoting 'Product + Services' synchronize go out, the depth of implantation of the world's locomotive market.

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