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When you walk into the Soviet Union in St. Petersburg Museum of arcade games, the first thing you see is a row from the last century, the early eighties gray, hard-edged soda vending machine. If you choose the middle one, it After discharging a bottle of slightly fermented taste of tarragon soda, soda recipes rely on such a unique frosting, icing since the Soviet Union had no such large-scale production. It tastes like syrup and mint sugar mix.

Entrance to the three retailers sell soda machine

'Beep - pop - pops -.' Exposure to this, the ear is full of some bully game sound, and seemed more to the United States, but the golden age of arcade games, do not forget that we in Russia, we need to use kopecks as money, there is no King Kong.

In the museum requires the use of the Soviet-era currency

This is not a museum in the traditional sense, since everything here can not only touch, but also started to play. Museum arcade game from the 1980's. These games are mostly adaptations made by the Japanese and the Western game, and has been During the Cold War the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's approval.

Although the Soviet Union 24 years later, the ordinary Russian families are willing to enjoy a cozy and comfortable in this afternoons: arcade game play childhood, drink more and more difficult to buy a can of sparkling wine, the Soviet Union Coins game era physical abuse of a child and his hand-eye coordination. The Soviet government in the 1970s and eight years has launched a series of children have 'real' value of the game.

Three years ago, four university students in St. Petersburg whim, want to save this wonderful childhood memories, and show the world the Soviet Union during this arcade game history, started the game rehabilitation program. Currently, the museum has been restored nearly 60 games, many of which are unique in the world game.

Museum Entrance

Arcade game is how to enter the Soviet Union, but so far no consensus, the most widely circulated story is this: During Khrushchev's visit, the United States arcade game fascinated him, before he left for home, invited the nation All games manufacturers to go to the Soviet Union to show the best of his game. Then, Khrushchev bought these games, and send them to the Soviet military factories, requiring military factories to crack the mystery of arcade games. Thereafter, He germination of the idea of the design of the Soviet Union made the game.

Whether this story true or not, what we know is Khrushchev's visit to the US will be committed to returning nationals to produce more consumer goods, arcade games, of course also this list. 1959, arcade-style game officially appear that cable Nicky Cole Park (on exhibition at the Sokolniki Park.

Once you have decided how to develop the game, the game's design sketches will be sent to military factories. These factories military initially only responsible for the production of nuclear weapons development and testing of electronic components, but this is the Soviet Union to produce arcade games the only place.

Since the arcade game by the military on behalf of factory production parameters consoles often become the government's confidential documents. Currently, all of the parameter files have also been destroyed. This is for the people to restore the arcade game creates difficulties in processing lines, pipelines, When the lights and engine, people often need to cross the river by feeling the stones.

<< >> Winter hunting, shooting randomly out of the rabbit players, hand-eye coordination test players

Oksana Kapulenko is one of the pioneers of the museum, she said, the Soviet arcade games and arcade games in Europe, North America, there are three big difference: cost, weight and theme of the game because the production and marketing costs are very high arcade games, arcade so. In Soviet times the total number of games is not much. In addition, each weighing Soviet-era game 330-375 lbs, which is 5 times more than the original game in Europe and America, the reason lies in the lack of the Soviet Union more lightweight materials.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, due to lack of raw materials, many consoles have been recovered for the production of other items. At the same time, unlike Western countries, arcade games, Soviet-era arcade games are each naturally shoulder the mission to spread Marxism.

<< Basketball >> Games

In simple terms, the Soviet Union by no << >> like Pac-Man arcade game arcade game in which the Soviet Union is no illusion, but rather some praise of labor, promote communism and patriotism, sing beautiful mind game. Fantasy and role-playing games in the Soviet Union there is no market.

In fact, the hottest Soviet arcade games are designed to train the players hand-eye coordination, and reaction speed, logic and focused thinking. With a huge majority of the American game, these games affected by military training, to convey to the players and instill a kinds of patriotism: Only stronger, more strong-willed person, in order to better serve the country.

Games do not set the highest score, exciting championship rankings links or because in socialist Russia, there is no open competition.

Shooter Sniper 2

Oskana favorite game called << hamlet >> (Gorodki. This game was originally invented by Russian farmers. Game, people lined up down the tree as much as possible on the ground stakes.

18th-century Russian officer Alexander Suvorov believes that this traditional game is an excellent means of tactical training: hitting the stakes requires players to rapidly attack down the stakes can improve their strength, expand immediately hitting the next round Consciousness can improve their combat game in the late seventies revival, almost all stadiums, Health & Wellness, summer camps, factories and even has a special Gorodki residential backyard playground. Soon, this tradition has also been adapted into a game the arcade game.

<< Hamlet >> Games

In recent years, the Russian Duma approved the 'patriotic game' plan, many lawmakers believe the Russian youth poisoned by the Western game. In response to this call, 1C Game Studio recently released a series based on the Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow game. 'lawmakers require developers to introduce some young Russian hero to Russia, Russian history and culture of the game.' Miami University history professor Steven Norris said, 'From many point of view, Russia is currently The gaming market has returned to the Brezhnev era, the game's increasingly heavy political overtones. '

Of course, the Soviet government may have ulterior motives in the late seventies when the development of Gorodki arcade game, but admitted that she simply felt Gorodki Oksana game very interesting. And also, this is interesting retro arcade game museum most to tourists main feelings.

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