Cars: The winning fight online and offline

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Investment Highlights:

The purpose of this research is to better understand the two key aspects of strategy implementation at the automobile market O2O platform line: the layout of the store in collaboration with the supply chain for which we visited two quick repair stores and cars Superman platforms (gold Shares car market strategy after the solid body is located in Hangzhou, logistics and warehousing center has the following research summary:

Terms of the quality of the store itself is a scarce resource, the current major O2O platform could not be applied exclusively to its universal franchise (ie limit stores to join its network competitors, but strong conductivity, good service can get the merchant platform tendentious support in the business, including recommended to customers (to platform 'reverse diversion', with the push moving platform like.

The current business collaboration platform is the most important is the three points promotions (activity subsidies, services and communication, business diversion. Various activities subsidy is indeed an important driving force for the current business platform selection and cooperation, but in the long run, the business guide flow and communication services is a key cooperation can continue in the development of how to make the interests of tenants are protected so as to enhance their cooperation and satisfaction with the degree of push is one key to success.

Washing itself as a high-frequency and both diversion effect is quick repair shop business very valued, but also stores O2O platform to carry out the best starting point for cooperation. The cooperation model O2O tires have gradually recognized by the stores, in the future subvert the conventional tire dealer system is very high. And on the oil business, we believe that the current investigation is still prefer stores with oil manufacturers to take direct channels of cooperation, which also need to think about how each O2O platform to continue to constantly adjust mode of cooperation to make it more competitive, after all, the nature of oil high margins and standard parts still quite a O2O business development space.

After the market O2O platform for offline stores appraisal and reward system in the future or will play a more important role. Open and transparent, survival of the fittest type store management performance appraisal system will be gradually replaced by the simple handling of complaints based management model. Reasonable rates System can not only help the platform to identify, excluding those poor business stores to reduce management costs, but also to improve the quality of stores willingness to cooperate and form the ultimate customer trust.

Protect the supply chain is one of the line customer loyalty, on the surface it seems that only elements of the line for customers the most intuitive, but the actual business if there is no comprehensive solid supply chain system is unable to complete the fast and reliable delivery. If missing O2O closed loop critical section is likely to bring serious poor customer experience in the high-speed development period.

After all, customer loyalty is not coming out of thin air, the details determine success or failure, the emphasis on supply chain construction of the line will determine which platform to go further and better, which is the car Superman and do some other line of deep plowing O2O platform worth appreciated.

'Combined weight' is the automotive after-market platform, the true meaning of success. 'Internet +' of the primary advantages of having an asset-light, it is often able to beat the cost of traditional channels and business models, but when the Internet and some of the service attributes strong When combined with traditional industry still needs to do heavy link line under construction supply chain is the most typical example, for automobile O2O platform, the initial investment to establish a mature storage system to form late relative cost advantage, only to do ' heavy 'can do' light. ' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.