Difficulties, stick Nansha River tells the touching story

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And under the state road through

After transformation, the Nansha River, wide roads, smooth, smooth, two-lane main way, whenever intersection node, or overhead or beneath, the whole main road without traffic lights, real fast transformation.

However, not all the way road construction, 'smooth', where, beneath the channel construction affect train traffic, the tunnel below the river height, reinforced embankments on both sides of landscaping, various pipelines and other change to move both the engineering problems also highlights.

How these difficulties the project has been cracked? Road engineering behind how hard people pay? Consecutive days, the reporter conducted in-depth interviews, as we uncover those things behind Nansha River road reconstruction.

An unprecedented two-way slow train with the construction

Rapid transformation Nansha River Road, west of Riverside Road, east of Taihang Road, unilateral 9 km long road, the road is now open to traffic until the construction of Riverside Road Road construction Road east, construction is continuing, in which the train Construction under way is to wear a difficulty of the project.

One week cover the whole more than 20 chapters, three will be one, up and down the train line while the speed limit 45 km ...... Taiyuan Railway Bureau has given the greatest support, at the same time, the project also created a number of 'unprecedented.' '2014 7 1st Atlantic high-speed railway opened to traffic, from the opening two months ago, under the river through the Nansha project has not started, you need to cover more than 20 chapters, one did not cover, construction drawings, the program will never went. 'iron sixth inning responsible for Nansha River beneath the railway section chief engineer 秦辉 said the train Road through the construction really is a challenging task, two months of work needs to be done to coordinate the various pre, have quality and quantity to complete the project, and Under normal circumstances, such a construction requires a minimum of four months or more time.

Taiyuan municipal construction and development center in charge of the tenders 杜建文 presentation, you want the bottom of railway construction, is not an easy thing, because it comes to railway operations, safety and other aspects, the need to get through the various approval procedures, including the Public Works section a plurality of power supply segments departments, utilities segment and safety supervision room, and ultimately to cover the whole more than 20 chapters. 'In addition, construction plans, planning, construction scheme requires each link separately once a while such meetings must open only session, the program can be implemented, but if a meeting by meeting a program, efficiency is too low, certainly affect the construction schedule. '杜建文 he said, Taiyuan Railway Bureau has given the greatest support, more than 20 chapters, one week End cover all three will be one, all through the meeting program, the efficiency of fast, unprecedented.

For completion of all formalities, followed by the construction aspect of the rush period began. 'When the project the most concentrated, the scene has more than 600 construction workers.' 秦辉 said the Nansha River Road rapid transformation, China Railway Construction range in six innings in the construction of road East of wear under the railway segment, last April 25 to enter the site and difficult projects in the region need to ensure the safe passage of the train, and be completed before July 1 this time node.

And general construction process different sections after section beneath the railway, you need to wear a segment under the framework of prefabricated jacking, ensure the normal passage of the railway, the construction process in order to enter after. 'Nansha River North has two boxes of prefabricated structures, top Jin takes a little manner, dig a little bit into the top. '秦辉 introduction, at the same time, the top of the railroad also requires slow train with. After coordination with the Taiyuan Railway Bureau, during construction, on the road and down the train were to 45 kilometers per hour with. in the past only to protect a railroad slow, slow speed while the two-way nationwide unprecedented.

2 beneath, tunnel construction difficulties each break

Nansha River road reconstruction project started from April 2014, is one of the few New Year's Eve Taiyuan project. 'Nansha River rapid transformation project is rather special, New Year's construction because some constraints.' Taiyuan Municipal Construction and Development Center Liu Yaming reports, Different from other road reconstruction, Nansha River has drainage function, flood basically in shutdown state, the transformation of the road either beneath or tunnel, because close to the bank, if the construction destroy embankments, flood risk will increase. In addition, the project is also by the impact of change to move the pipe network.

In Nansha river road fast transformation project, all lines change to move through all the river, including water, electricity, gas, heat and other more than 30 times the pipeline. 'The region has a total of 16 high-voltage tower, is a power supply bureau in Taiyuan The main channel grid, tower location are in the middle of the road. 'said Liu Yaming, when the line change to move, power trench Nansha River, do not pass the Eiffel Tower can be removed later on, a lot of it relates to the peripheral road, including 10 South Square, south inner, Donggang Road, Sports Road, etc., all peripheral power network to do, after the grid connection to the Nansha River Tower Demolition.

Exclude preliminary work, the construction phase into the core. 'By wearing the western part of the Twin Towers West passage, is the first project node, it took three months.' In a public presentation cross Baijun Lin Bureau III Project Manager, Southern Shahe rich groundwater during construction within the river is still flowing, it belongs with water operations, increasing the difficulty of construction, to ensure that excavation is not affected, our heads, and finally adopted in the construction of water concentrated in the air with the wind band approach solving problems with water operations, it was able to make the project successful completion.

With the Twin Towers West (construction sets and wearing experience, after which the new road, Jiefang Road, Youth Road wear under construction, each node works, time can be 15 days ahead of schedule, the last two months of the completion of a lower wear project.

At the same time, the tunnel project is also in full swing. 'Tunnel lower than the river, the river around the upper portion of the tunnel, the project needs to ensure the safety of embankments, drainage tunnel must also take into account the problem.' 西路杰 mountain highway projects Technical Advisory Co., Ltd. White director, said, in order to ensure the safety of flood embankments, they invited experts in various aspects, and to develop special programs, conduct feasibility studies, and ultimately determine a reasonable and feasible construction plan construction, the tunnel on both sides of the wall body with steel plates mounted for protection, and installation of four pumping stations, to ensure the safety of the tunnel.

3 decorative stone embankment bright color density

'Must meet the national standard, color, geometry standard ...... be our standard choice of stone.' Kape Group Ltd. Taiyuan project person in charge, the Nansha River embankment decorative stone is Shidao Red No. 7 Characterized by a natural surface, bright colors, and high density.

Isle Town, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, China gathered a lot of high-quality stone processing plant, Nansha River embankment stone chosen here. '20 days to provide more than 30,000 square meters of supply, in accordance with this standard, Isle remaining seven town Eight large stone factory qualified. 'project leader, said the tight schedule, the task is heavy, does not allow a trace of negligence, and ultimately determine the 7th Shidao red stone, a large, publicly traded companies to provide.' Stone is equipped with complete, began to enter the construction. 'the person in charge of the project, when the project's busiest, the scene has more than 1,000 construction workers, stone spell right, cut, every process is demanding, posted on the embankment of stone in the absence of a horizontal line, the four corners of each stone Stitching is flat, very fine engineering detail. riverbank beautification project in full swing, at the same time, river training are carried out simultaneously.

Fifties and sixties of the last century, its main city is located in Taiyuan, by the water door thrive, Nansha river banks on both sides of the gradual emergence of a few scattered small workshop and residents. Sewage and industrial waste water discharged in large quantities and eventually flows into the Nansha River 'Body.' Year after year, Nansha River elegant face increasingly emaciated.

At the bottom of the river, dredging is a very important project. 'The works mainly points to collect, collate and Sinotrans three links.' Project leader, and other construction site is different early two tasks, in addition to construction workers stand strong odor outside, excavators or forklift may get bogged down at any time, to the construction difficult. In addition, Sinotrans is another difficulty engineering, together mud to be transported out, Nansha River is located in the city center, by the road width, small construction site and other factors, slag transport vehicles can only be out of a car and must comply with the relevant provisions of sediment transport.

October 13, reporters at the scene saw to the construction of the road from Riverside Road, dredging project all over, new soil for the growth of aquatic plants have all entered the river.

○ Road people

Project leader is to detect cancer still work sick

'Nansha river rapid transformation in the way many touching happened.' Taiyuan municipal construction and development center director Zhang Yaodong said, to create fine works in Taiyuan, Nansha River quickly change the status quo, road reconstruction is behind many people silently pay.

'Yesterday morning I just gave him a call, the situation is not very good.' Beijing municipal manager in charge of Nansha River Project longitudinal standings Chi told reporters the phone, 'he' West Jiao Li Hui, a former head of the project, the Spring Festival this year, In Beijing Review, he was 'buckle' in the hospital ever since.

'Lee and I are Western-hui Beijing, starting in 2009, take classes to work, has been in six years.' Chi said vertical list, Li Hui give you the impression that the West is relatively sturdy, rarely see him sick the day before work 16 hours, rest thirty-four hours can Huanguo Lai. But things changed since last September, never tired of Li Xi Hui, often in front of the vertical chart Chi mention tired, but sleep does not come back again for a long time can make.

Last October, the Agency removed the side while repair gaps. Longitudinal standings Chi told reporters, as the project leader, the need to coordinate things, demolition, construction progress, safety always affects Li Xi Hui, he did not have time to consider their own body. It just so happened this time have organized medical staff. examination results can not be optimistic, Li Hui was found west of thyroid cancer, the hospital recommended the review, more rest. However, compared with the body, will make him more worried about the progress of construction, but also like a top day like work. Unlike in the past, his appetite started to decrease.

In January this year, and the state road to the construction of road projects all over, the project continued eastward. According to reports, Beijing is responsible for tenders from municipal and state road to Taihang Road, about 3 km.

Spring Festival, Li Xi Hui and colleagues home for the holiday. 'During the holidays, Li Xi-hui to go to the hospital for review, and he was 'buckle' under the.' Vertical list chi said, this time, the family people know his condition. In the absence of taking control means, disease progression, thyroid disease affects the lymph nodes, and the hospital was diagnosed with cancer the middle and lymphatic surgery.

'Almost every two weeks, I will give Li Xi-hui a phone call.' Chi said longitudinal standings after surgery his condition has been very good, is still trying to control lymphatic and other indicators.

Written the reporter Li Jing Photography newspaper reporter Kou Ning

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