Paul Frank theme of the 20th anniversary of the fall and winter nationwide roadshow

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Lead: Paul Frank (monkey mouth hand in Beijing Xidan Joy City in between October 20 to October 25 date, the tide turned for a period of one week road show cartoon, the PaulFrank (mouth monkey will bring authentic American fashion trend, let Fans and Julius celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cartoon Saatchi participate. The roadshows to Harbin station led the way swept Hangzhou, Chengdu, Taiyuan, and other cities.

Paul Frank monkey mouth the 20th anniversary of the fall and winter roadshow -Julius Doll

The event will be moved to the active site of California neighborhoods --Paul Frank 20 years (mouth monkey commemorative section KOMBI vintage cars, carrying guests to return to 20 years ago, rock Love parade Paul Frank 20 years of development enough to remember, great Julius quietly stuck his head, so that passers-by stopped to marvel exchanges, 20 the pleasant attitude, different shapes of Paul Frank humanoid dolls lined up to welcome the arrival of guests. Into mouth monkey product display area, you can see graffiti painting, with the American style of California street design, the interpretation of a thick California street style. interactive areas more consumers with full of fun part of the game, such as toy machine, grasping doll and other exciting interactive, attention official micro-channel scratch attend activities, a chance to get customized 20th anniversary edition Paul Frank T-shirts, in addition to get fun in the game, the participants have the opportunity to get Paul Frank (monkey mouth) carefully prepared Gifts for everyone, so that consumers personally into Paul Frank20 anniversary of the feast.

20th anniversary of the fall and winter Paul Frank monkey mouth roadshows - Beijing Station

This season, Paul Frank (monkey mouth the continuation of the classic American college style, get design inspiration from the play fun sport, into the streets, sports and graffiti spoof other elements, like being in the American street .Paul Frank (big mouth monkey 2015 new autumn and winter will be unique bright colors and interesting play classic cartoon image combine influx of people led by a young confident thorough Fun American street.

20th anniversary of the fall and winter Paul Frank monkey mouth roadshows - AW15 product models show

In addition, this Paul Frank 2015 autumn and more consumers Roadshow brings Paul Frank 20 anniversary limited series. The series founder Paul Frank brand original hand-drawn manuscript as a source of inspiration to restore the brand's inception classic cartoon , hand-painted creative way to bring fresh products covering a wide range by the 'powder monkey mouth' in hot pursuit of the T-shirt, sweater, pillow, mug and phone shell.

20th anniversary of the fall and winter Paul Frank monkey mouth roadshows - Brand executives birthday

Paul Frank was born since 1995, to allow more young trend farewell audience stereotyped copy imitation, bid farewell to the traditional cliches, all kinds is undergoing, the young tide product presented in the same field of space. Relates to life every aspect of your life touched travel, music, food, parties, etc., do not hesitate, and Julius cartoon carnival together while now enjoy it! To the scene to accept a most interesting trend carnival, we will put the most real, most young power, punch punched from your body, causing a revolution of young cartoon explosive! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.