The 12th China International Finance Forum October 22-23 held in Shanghai

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FX168 inquiry by the China Banking Association, the China Insurance Association, Financial News, China Trust Industry Association, China secured financing Industry Association, China Association of small loan companies, Internet Society of China, China Development Finance Association, China Private Equity Association , China Financial Certification Center, the International Capital Market Association, Certified International Investment Analyst and other units jointly organized the '12th China International Finance Forum' on October 22-23 was held in the Sheraton Shanghai Pudong Hotel. This meeting Beijing has also been held in China to win Kay Asset Management Ltd., Star Hao Finance / dream to win the line, gold enjoy fiscal line, mountain island sea Investment Group, Mai Maiti financial and other units of support and help.

At present, China's economy is entering a new normal, by the high growth to the rapid growth. Financial industry as the core of modern economy, how smooth the transition period in the new normal economy, deepen reform and innovate, prevent and defuse financial risks, support the real economy development, thus promoting the community to achieve greater prosperity, the financial sector will be in urgent need to crack the problem. The forum topic closely pulse of the times, to the 'new normal economy during the financial reform and financial services' as its theme, will focus on the Internet cross-border integration of financial development and ecological construction, clearing the full liberalization of the market on how to build a new eco payment industrial chain, the Internet financial ecological construction and mixing industry, Chinese non-performing assets, investment opportunities and innovation, financial innovation and new normal under Mixed , Pratt & Whitney and the strategic choice to improve the financial system of commercial banks, subversion and integration, how to open a new future of Internet banking, Internet banking (P2P credit system construction and sustainable development of the industry the current financial industry hot topics to analyze and interpret the deep, through high-level dialogue, round tables, closed meetings, project promotion, docking and other forms of capital, to the forefront of the issue of China's financial services and real economy will be in-depth discussion. from the financial regulators leadership, and foreign banks, domestic and foreign private equity funds, financial intermediation services institutions, investment banks, securities companies and high-growth business executives, experts and scholars and a total of more than 600 guests attended the event.

Sina Finance of the forum was broadcast live graphics. Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, People's Daily, Economic Daily, Financial Times, 21st Century Business Herald, The Economic Observer newspaper, Daily News, Eastern wealth network ,, China Times International Journal, Financial investment Observer newspaper reported that the new financial investors reported that investment Times, China High-Tech Industry Herald, new financial magazine, miscellaneous international financing, capital markets magazine, Shanghai Securities News and Securities Times, the Oriental Morning Post, Pudong Times titanium media, and many other mainstream media 70 sent a strong line-up and reported participation in the forum.

Forum since 2004 inception, has so far held 12 sessions in a row, have been leading the domestic financial regulators a year, high-level cross-border financial institutions, domestic and foreign financial corporate executives, financial research institutions, large enterprises, financial and media support and concern, the current It has developed into between domestic and foreign financial institutions and financial and industrial communication, learning and communication platform and bridges.

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