Singapore's former foreign minister: excessive US involvement in the South China Sea is not good for the Philippines and Vietnam

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 57

October 19, Peking University held a 'North Tower Dialogue' public forum, invited seven politicians, academics guests on how to establish the Asia-Pacific security architecture are discussed. On the forum, the South China Sea issue sparked discussion and concern. Former US assistant Secretary of State, former US Ambassador Stapleton Roy raised the issue in the United States pass through the South China Sea, while the recent plan for the United States sent warships into the South China Sea islands and reefs within 12 sea miles voyage to New news, former Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo said that the South China Sea issue, the United States should not be involved in too many .

Nanhai Sino-US struggle, Vietnam and the Philippines whether it will benefit?

On the South China Sea issue, many US military action will often incite tensions. Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo pointed out before, the United States demonstrated a keen interest in the South China Sea issue reason is that China's relations with other Southeast Asia South China Sea sovereignty sound cable States. In his view, the United States was added to the South China Sea issue in the past, because the Philippines and Vietnam claim their involvement. He said that if the South China Sea issue, the United States involved in too many, China's attitude will be more tough. If the United States does not participate again, China will have with the Philippines and Vietnam two better negotiating position. Therefore, he pointed out, in the South China Sea issue, the United States was not involved in too much a good thing.

A compromise, 'the broad heart' pro solve

Yeo said that from the perspective of China, as a big country, China is increasingly strong. He believes that China can use the 'broad mind' to deal with issues related to the South China Sea. Yeo said, a few years ago, he had served as Singapore's foreign minister to visit North Korea and by train from Pyongyang to China Dandong, Liaoning Dandong Yalu River walking along the coast, he was surprised to find some of the island is located very close to the Chinese side of the riverbank, but belongs to Korea. This makes him very puzzled. ask the officer after He informed that this is the year of Premier Zhou Enlai made the decision, these islands allocated to North Korea, provided that the entire property of the two countries jointly manage the Yalu River, open sailing.

It is reported that, through equal consultation and friendly cooperation, 1962, Kim Il Sung at the decision and the two leaders Zhou Enlai, China and the DPRK government in Pyongyang signed the Sino-Korean border treaty << >> The treaty divided the border The strike, the provisions of the border in the islands and shoals of the principles of ownership, determine the Yalu River is jointly managed by the two countries, common use, including sailing, fishing, hunting and water use principles.

Yeo believes that the year when the division of borders with North Korea, China had taken a lenient approach, eventually exchange for Yalu open sail formal because compromise of the parties, only the best way to resolve the dispute, which can be as a solution South China Sea issue in one direction. (Zhang Ao) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.