Bank stocks was mixed bank asset quality or remain under pressure

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Securities Times Online ( October 19 hearing

Bank stocks differentiation trend today, as of this writing, Nanjing, Bank of Ningbo, Bank of Communications were up 1 percent, China Merchants Bank fell more than 1 percent is, Minsheng Bank, Bank of China fell slightly.

Shangzheng Bao news this week will be kicked listed banks to disclose third quarter results of the prologue, Ping An Bank will also publish its first three quarter results announcement on March 23, according to results released by the major agencies are forward-looking perspective, three banks quarterly growth rate in the City firm highlights or the show, but the whole industry is still facing great pressure asset quality.

With the upcoming performance of the banking sector in the third quarter, the major institutions before doing performance expectations. They are considered, expected third-quarter results will be a slight increase in the banking sector, but basically stabilized. In terms of net profit, according to Price Waterhouse Lybrand data show that the listed banks in the first half net profit of 722.8 billion yuan in 2015 as a whole, an increase of 2.76 percent, the growth rate fell by 8 percentage points. Ping An Securities [microblogging] expects third quarter net profit growth of listed banks 2.2%, basically flat with the mid-year report, and expects 2015 full-year net profit growth of 2.1%, net profit by quarter will show a downward trend.

In bad rate, various agencies generally expected, the banking sector asset quality is still facing great pressure, poor will continue to follow in the third quarter, non-performing inflection point will be delayed. According to statistics, in 2015 the second quarter of listed banks NPL ratio MoM 12 BP increase to 1.45 percent, while the former write-off net NPL formation rate is still accelerating upward trend. GF Securities, said the end of June was 1.45 percent of listed banks bad, the chain rose 12BP, while write-off recovery and disposal efforts increase in the first half net NPL formation rate reached 1.42% annualized. Third quarter, the upward trend in non-performing assets of banks has not eased. Ping An Securities believes that the risk of bank asset quality trends continued to medium-sized enterprises and regional proliferation. and it is expected to average NPL ratio of listed banks will continue to rise after verification 10bp reached 1.55%, credit costs continue to remain high, but do not rule out some banks to increase provisions for and makes the possibility of lower than expected earnings. Merchants Securities, said the credit costs from the seasonal point of view, the bank's point often substantial provision is made for the fourth quarter and is expected in the third quarter of listed banks credit costs will remain at around 1.1%, compared with the second quarter, the changes are not Large.

Statistics show that the real increase in the amount of mid-2015 the banking sector non-performing loans compared to the beginning of the year has reached 79 percent last year, compared with an increase of 108% over the same period last year. Qilu Securities, said the upward trend will continue in the bad year 2015. GF Securities, also said Since no macroeconomic stabilization signal superimposed capital markets and adjust the end or beginning of the second half of 2016 and will not appear bad knee, may be delayed. Guotai Junan Securities, said the third quarter, commercial banks due to the economic downturn, banks' asset quality continued commitment pressure, poor upward pressure has not improved, and because by the stock market downturn dragged down, a series of intermediate business income and capital market-related are affected. In addition, from the current situation, the situation in the third quarter, the fourth quarter will continue.

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