Darren information management want to buy Hong Kong stocks in the A-share listed companies: fancy a broker

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Securities Times Online (www.stcn.com) October 19 hearing

Darren information management (831639) business expansion have a new action, October 19 evening, the company said, to be in A shares and Hong Kong stock market acquisition of a listed company, the management company is actively promoting, seeking strategic fit with the company's targets.

In this view, the leading information management mode of large road, Darren and information management for Jiuding investment can be described as more obvious traces of imitation.

Not long ago, Jiuding investment just successfully completed the A-share companies in the river real estate acquisitions. Then, PE business Jiuding investment is expected to inject in the river real estate, its new three board as the billions of funds raised through participation in the river will also be set by real estate A share-oriented manner. This operation has been talked about for the capital market. the same scene in information management who have to repeat Darren?

In addition, Darren information management also revealed that the proposed acquisition of a Hong Kong securities licensees, its management team with the mainstream of the world's top investment banks and operations management experience, will rapidly expand the scale of asset management for international companies the formation of a strategic business support. Now General Meeting authorized the company management team to handle the Hong Kong SFC [microblogging] (SFC) and apply the relevant new business license and other related procedures.

Darren series of actions and information management can be described as non-stop. On Thursday (October 15), Darren information management just said that the proposed acquisition of Singapore, to hold legitimate financial license of foreign asset management institutions and intends to apply for public fund license.

(Securities Times Online News Centre)

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