So that more innovative companies emerged

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Paper-thin flexible displays, solar cool smart car, 3D metal printing fine detail, naive intelligent robot ...... First Peoples National public entrepreneurial innovation activities Week Beijing Zhongguancun main meeting room, a variety of innovative products to attract creative Visitors who stop October 19 afternoon, the participants of the entrepreneurs who has been attracted to a forum that is double hit heavy head circumference activities - Volkswagen entrepreneurial innovation Peoples Forum.

'Double hit' will give us what opportunities? How to further stimulate innovation potential and entrepreneurial energy of the whole society? These are topics of concern to everyone, both in the development and Reform Commission and other 8 statement is mainly responsible ministries are elaborated on.

The new era requires new engine

'To promote the public business, Peoples innovation is an effective way to promote a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, but also an important engine for economic development to create new momentum for.' Forum on Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang summed up a lot of new the new era of innovation and entrepreneurship Features. 'innovative activities from within the organization to an open system, the Internet promotes the docking technology needs and capital, innovation activities to achieve the small congregation to mass change, more people join the ranks of innovation, entrepreneurial ideas from supply to demand-driven technology , there are more innovative business models and organization innovation, entrepreneurship services from government-based to market force, the emergence of a large number of market-oriented new business service agencies, some successful entrepreneurs and business mentors to assume active angel investors responsibility. 'Wan Gang said.

Wan Gang suggested that entrepreneurs make innovation more took to the stage, leading the new trend of society, 'innovation-driven development, has become a common action will of the state and society, the new era of innovation and entrepreneurship boom has arisen in the whole society, we have to to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to make a tangible contribution. '

'Entrepreneurship is a source of employment, the employment is the people's livelihood.' Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Yin Weimin talk about the significance of innovation and entrepreneurship from the perspective of people's livelihood, he said, the Department who has been the implementation of the focus groups of business services in the organization for students, returned overseas students, migrant workers and other groups to provide special business services to entrepreneurial training and business service as an important part of public employment services.

'As of the end of July this year, more than 250 million users nationwide 4G mobile Internet users reached 937 million, fixed broadband Internet users reached 208 million.' Vice Minister of Information Industry and the Ministry of Huai Jinpeng with a set of the latest data expressed his 'double hit 'The confidence, he believes that' under Internet + 'environment, high-speed information flow, high degree of aggregation, factor greatly improved the efficiency of resource utilization and significantly reduce business costs. Also, the Internet to shorten the distance between producers and consumers You can nurture new format, create and satisfy new demand.

Breakthrough with reforms

The ministries responsible person does not deny that China's current problems encountered by innovation and entrepreneurship and stressed the use reform to break through the difficulties.

Party secretary of China Association, Shang Yong, vice chairman referred to the Association for a recent survey, the survey showed, Liucheng scientists with an entrepreneurial desire, but really to go into business only 2.5%. 'S & T human resources and R & D staff Number ranks first in the world, is the 'double hit' most valuable strategic resources should be allowed to have the ability to have technical scientific personnel 'flourishes'. 'He said, for outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship competition for resources, has become Europe and other developed The main strategic countries. China should attach great importance to the role of science and technology force personnel, science and technology to further deepen reform, make more entrepreneurial activity based on innovation-driven basis, so that more innovative companies emerged, grow, grow into Leading industry competitive world of change, 'unicorn' enterprise.

First secretary of the Communist Youth League Central Committee 秦宜智 expressed appreciation for the current boom China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship, but also summed up its 3:00 inadequate. 'First, a strong sense of contemporary youth innovation by deep impact of the Internet, but the cottage, less original, patents much less the application, technology, less product, Internet entrepreneurs, less entrepreneurial entities, many youth entrepreneurship is difficult to achieve a breakthrough from zero to one, it is difficult to be converted into commodity products, two prominent contemporary youth entrepreneurial enthusiasm, but lack of awareness self, cognitive society, did not experience a rigorous business training, often self-expectations are too high for the market, the product is difficult to win social acceptance, the third is more grass-roots youth entrepreneurship, youth entrepreneurship dense atmosphere, but the lack of targeted policies , guidance and protection, high-risk venture, the success rate is low. '

Seeking innovation is to seek future

Focus on innovation is to focus on development, seeking innovation is to seek future leaders of the various ministries in the Forum to speak, the plan a better future, is to use further reforms to promote the vigorous development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

National Development and Reform Commission deputy director Lifeng said the next step to be for innovation and entrepreneurship through the reform of unreasonable restrictions provide a good environment, but also for the public record, all the chips, all help, 'all four' crowdsourcing platform development to create new favorable conditions. 'Next we consider increasing government purchase of services, reduce the financial burden of innovative entrepreneurs, promote information sharing interconnection, prevent and reduce transaction risk, and guide multiple subjects involved in governance and build a wide range of 'double hit' platform ......'

Deputy Minister of Education 林蕙青 introduces China will continue to deepen the reform of colleges and universities innovation and entrepreneurship education, she said, the Ministry of Education will accelerate the improvement of future financial support and policy conditions improve, encourage colleges and universities to open innovation and entrepreneurship for all students of compulsory and elective courses in the Universities establishment of venture capital funds, to attract outside funds to build resilient credit system, support dropped out innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship education to enhance the ability of teachers to employ various industries and entrepreneurship as part-time teacher ...... 'college graduates is a force for innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship education deepen Universities reform is a complicated historical project. 'Lin Huiqing said.

'Promote public entrepreneurship, innovation Peoples, to enhance economic endogenous impetus to the quality and efficiency of economic significance.' Finance Minister Lou Jiwei also said that the future will need to increase financial policy support based on innovation and entrepreneurship, to further improve the financial precision and effectiveness of policies to increase the inclusive policies, tax breaks reduce costs for small and micro enterprises, expanding the range of preferential policies. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.