Media: Follow recommended investment opportunities in sports video and 1 share

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Investment Highlights:

Media investment advice this week index has risen 13.96%, outperforming the GEM index (+ 10.48% 3.48 percentage points.

1 Ali intends to wholly acquire excellent soil, rivers and lakes pattern increasingly clear video under capital supplies, will be more healthy and orderly development of the industry .A. Goods traffic sources as the core content of the video industry, will further enhance the value, while Matthew expand recommended to continue focus on quality content faucet .B. continue to recommend Letv as independent video sites, music depending on the content side has music as sports, flowers Television (annual drama << >> Mi-month pass will broadcast, music, as differentiated Pictures Content blessing, the downstream end television and music, as the music, as the mobile phone industry has been gradually gain a firm foothold, next platform strategy is expected to develop into an important level of video entertainment, the music, as the chairman of the Xi Jinping visit to the UK will also be accompanied Jia Yueting, worth the wait.

2 Follow the sports industry opportunities:. A State Council issued a document, two lottery-related and reported without central approval, lottery and Internet lottery policy or gradually clear, concerns related to the subject: People, Hong Bo shares .B Xi Jinping visit to the UK before talk Chinese football, emphasizing the next five years China will build 20,000 football characteristic school, the Sino-British cooperation in the field of football great potential recommendations concern: Michihiro shares, Lehman shares, in the technology industry, Hualu Baina.

3 Last week, the GEM companies released third quarter results notice centralized, overall dull, East Fortune Q3 results beat market expectations, the proposed attention.

Recent industry takes stock: 1 Ali Baba [microblogging] intends to acquire all remaining outstanding shares of preferred soil, each ADS (American Depositary Receipts $ 26.60 .2 Jingdong and Tencent announced strategic cooperation project 'Jing Teng plan', will bring together the advantages resources together to build a business platform called 'product business' .3360 odd cool phones in Jingdong episode, the first price of 2,499 yuan .4 microblogging strategic investment letter.

Chief of the State Council on the 14th issued << on the first batch of 62 central designated place cancel the implementation of administrative examination and approval decisions >>, including the removal of the central provincial lottery sales agency sales embodiments approval and cancellation of lottery sales agencies faction Award: Regulatory Policy approval, adjust the administrative approval for the provincial financial department.

A share Key announcements: Huayi Schwab intends to pay cash for 100% stake ho yeah Shanghai, transaction price of 470 million yuan to 2,880 yuan .2 gravitational media capital and the acquisition of 20% stake in Chi-media, Xingchi media to be in the country .3 Gehua listed non-public offering plan to apply by the China Securities Regulatory Commission [microblogging] by more than .4 the company released the first three quarter results notice.

Internet: 1 has been reported that music, as the car or the holding prone to car, ski eligible music as assistant sports financial investment .2 360 completed 1.035 billion yuan D round of financing .336 krypton complete D round of financing, ant gold dress collar vote .4 Shenzhou car It spent $ 210 million acquisition of 5.3% stake in China Auto Rental.

Television Market: 1 as of October 17 (Saturday, new media & Wanda Li [microblogging] Pictures << >> cianorte troubles accumulated 1.152 billion yuan, Enlight >> << Port embarrassing accumulated 1.597 billion yuan, Film music as the nine-story demon tower >> << accumulated 670 million yuan .2 gravitational media data (10 Jan. 5 - October 11: Huace << >> ratings 2.65 Challenger Union ranked second Confucian meaning. Pictures (Tenjin entertainment STANDINGS >> << Langya Beijing TV ratings 1.16 / 1.07 Oriental TV ratings ranked first / third. Huace that if the Xiaoxi >> << Hunan Satellite TV [microblogging] ratings 0.75 Ranking VII.

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