"Audition 3" players more marriageable men and women does not balance

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Audition 3 >> << before the second beta, the Association had organized two test players before initiating the sun shine, and hope that with the 'honey trap' to attract more male players concerned about this 'too beautiful' game. now the end of the beta, the 'honey trap' in the end how effective? increase the number of male players in the end? << >> Audition 3 large authoritative data, tell you << >> Audition 3 second test little secret!

>>>>>> Love Commentary: Audition 3 <<<<<<

Players over half of marriageable young and vibrant vitality

According to authoritative statistics, this 3 >> << Audition landed the second test one million players, 21 to 30-year-old players in the majority, 85 percent, which is among the most unmarried men and women, there is reading University, has just work through the investigation we found that most of them to Audition 3 >> << regarded as routine relax, relieve the pressure, looking for spiritual sustenance in place a significant number of the players hope << Dance group 3 >> find their soul mate.

The player is not lonely beauty << >> Audition 3 male to female ratio is very balanced

<< >> Audition 3 in this second test, there are more male players into the game, male to female ratio is more balanced than in the past, the proportion of male users more than 50%. This can be simply described as a large female players good news. it seems before the beta, you beauty drying out their beauty photos, resorted to 'honey trap' the harvest is very obvious it!

Sichuan sister paper up to a new high value players Yan

As we all know, the famous beauty of Sichuan Wenjun, Wu Mei Niang, Yang ...... countless well-known in the history of great beauty that is not a native of Sichuan, Sichuan grew up to today's entertainment, beautiful star Sichuan is also a grasp of a lot . the Audition 3 >> << authoritative test results showed that out of every ten play Audition 3 << >> sister paper in Sichuan have a sister paper, the sun shine and activities from the player before the beta guild organizations , it is easy to see << >> Audition 3 players face value can be described as a breakthrough horizon!

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Traditional Chinese: 《勁舞團3》適婚玩家多男女不失衡