Depth analysis of why men always love affair ridden

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Lead: love requires commitment, without responsible Xiaomi expensive affair, lover tired, looking for people ambiguous, save money thing man playing an ambiguous, map is affordable...

Love requires commitment, ambiguous no responsibility. Xiaomi is too expensive, too tired lover, find someone ambiguous, save money thing. Man playing an ambiguous, map is affordable. Window of the man playing an ambiguous, because of intolerable loneliness, love The man playing an ambiguous, narcissistic Shuashuai, married man playing an ambiguous, is the pursuit of new love, old love. Anyway man playing ambiguous nature, easygoing, never tired.

Why men like to play ambiguous?

Why men like to play ambiguous?

1, nature

In ancient times, men and women will be as much of a relationship, to ensure that in the harsh environment, the ethnic groups living in harmony. Not surprisingly, there has been a man of the genetic code to the body. It's not lust for men to justify, but explain lust it is the nature of man.

2, security

Regardless of why there are so many married or single men, like the game guest virtual home network to talk to that woman to play an ambiguous above? Burongzhihui, play ambiguous on that site not to worry about the other side of the struggle, do not be afraid wife girlfriend question. men by buying a four-star villa to let women know the site recommendation presentation, chat flirt with beautiful women, and the other an impulse to see a face for dinner, playing games passion, interest did not, Before then nothing happened. Anyway, no commitment, no emotion, was a happy man unrestrained, unaffected.

3, save money

Three wives and four concubines were legal constraints, mistresses, is constrained wallet for men unwilling to hang on the tree, the last game guest virtual home network to play an ambiguous it is an economic and environmentally friendly Games. Environmental lies not would threaten existing family feeling, the economy is that without spending too much money. Now just ambiguous, diamond flowers are saved, as long as we take some tongue, Flirt can.

Man playing an ambiguous unspoken rules

Man playing an ambiguous unspoken rules

1, and more than one person to play

Since the decision to play an ambiguous, we must resolve, in a game set up multiple guest virtual home online family relationships, dry sister, fiancee, girlfriend, confidante and a plurality of single-minded woman ...... ambiguous together anyway ambiguous one is ambiguous, ambiguous group is ambiguous. luxuriant pleasure which men can not refuse.

2, focusing on ignorance, not love

What is 'ignorant', hazy, trying to hide something, but also want to say shame. Play ambiguous fun to play love is self-immolation so ambiguous man, the more is the 'play' and less of 'love.' This move the true feelings of a woman, one hundred percent injured, but the extent of damage, as the case may be.

3, self-righteous men, mostly

Like the ambiguous man, narcissists are mostly arrogant lot who believe that they play in this game ambiguous person, there is no point self-righteous, self-deception is impossible. And this man contacts, they always put on a lofty feeling, let you be bored Dunsheng Source: Ruili Network

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