Retail business now winter heat transition: Liucheng performance decline

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Liucheng performance landslide retail hot winter now in transition

⊙ correspondent ○ edit Sun Fang Yan Tsui

By the economic slowdown, consumer alternative electricity suppliers and other factors, retail winter continues. According to wind information statistics, as of yesterday, has announced three quarterly or three quarterly notice of 26 listed companies in the retail department store, there are 15 The first three quarters of this year net profit fell, accounting for nearly Liu Cheng.

Letters from the performance perspective, the Hundred Group recently released three quarterly results of Letters show that the first three quarters of this year the company achieved operating income of 12.389 billion yuan, down 4.16 percent year on year, the total profit -0.27 billion yuan, down 117.15 percent year on year, net profit -0.58 billion yuan, down 159.37 percent year on year.

The reason for the large drop in performance, the Hundred Group said the main terminal is weak consumer demand, coupled with the impact of competition and consumer channels diversification and transformation of stores closed shop, so that sales fell, while at the same time, labor costs, rent and other fixed Rigid cost growth. Faced with the current dilemma, the company will increase in the management transition adjustment, turn off the short-term losses hopeless stores, renovation of old stores and the like.

Similarly, the commercial city of the three quarterly show, the company realized revenue of 932 million yuan in the first three quarters, down 17.77%, net loss of 100 million yuan, a loss of 160 million yuan last year. According to the Xinhua Department Store three quarterly, to achieve net profit of 135 million the first three quarters, down 41.71 percent, Xinhua Department Store, said, mainly due to reduction in operating revenue, making the decline in performance.

It is noteworthy that, compared to the overall situation, all the companies have announced three quarterly or results notice, the performance was undoubtedly the greatest change in Xinhua, the first three quarters is expected to net loss of about 83 to 99.5 million yuan, the biggest drop up 308.47 percent. In addition, there are a number of companies for the 'first loss', as mentioned in the Hundred Group.

Also some listed companies in this round of winter retail 'Swordsman' to achieve pre-growth, such as Rainbow Department Store, Hongqi Chain, Hualian shares, which Hualian shares in the first three quarters of this year is expected to achieve net profit of about 176 million yuan to 200 million yuan, an increase of 262.91 to 312.4%.

Analysts pointed out that, from the three quarterly retail trade situation, some earlier embrace the Internet, a new model O2O, the implementation of the transformation and upgrading, adjustment of retail stores and other listed companies have started to show a competitive advantage, and began to lead the industry, and some of the transition then began a slow business performance continued losses, forced to close other phenomena, industry gap, competition is expected to further widen and establish in this round of adjustment.

As all music had made it clear that, in its notice of three quarterly results, the company expects the first three quarters of this year net loss of 120 million to 150 million, up 78.04 million loss a year earlier, the loss rate lower and lower 50%. The company said, in order to concentrate resources to expedite the implementation of the strategic transformation, resolution close long-term losses and losses hopeless, the transformation of the traditional hypermarket stores in eight difficult, but in 2014, all music has shut down 18 loss-making stores.

However, there are brokerage analysts believe that the downturn in the retail industry as a whole, on the occasion of the implementation of the transition, as it happens may be some rare investment opportunity, such as some Internet giants join forces to develop electricity suppliers and other business enterprises, or those companies for several years of losses, Such companies likely to launch security shell reorganization plan or plans, etc. As Xinhua Department Store, Commercial City, etc. have been suspended due to a major asset restructuring.
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