Guangdong's first hydrogen fuel cell bus unveiled China (Yunfu) International Stone Technology Exhibition _fin

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Pictured Guangdong's first hydrogen fuel cell bus. ZhouLiu First Photo

The picture shows the guests drink 'exhaust pipe' at the dripping stopped. ZhouLiu First Photo

The picture shows the guests in the experience. ZhouLiu First Photo

BEIJING, Oct. 19 Yunfu Electric (Huang Yaohui He Pengcheng Liu weeks early) a beautiful shape, running the whole pollution, drainage only new passenger cars at the 12th China (Yunfu) International Stone Technology Exhibition Opening Ceremony 2015 Yunfu · Large West off construction and trade activities.

The hydrogen fuel cell buses by hydrogen Guohong Technology Co., Ltd. of Guangdong and Foshan speeding automobile manufacturing Co., Canada Ballard, Tsinghua University, energy-saving and new energy vehicle engineering center jointly developed with independent intellectual property rights, also in Guangdong The first hydrogen fuel cell bus station.

The vehicle length 10960mm, carrying 78 people, equipped with Ballard Power Systems the latest generation HD-7 proton exchange membrane hydrogen fuel cells. According to the site engineer, car endurance up to 300 kilometers per hundred kilometers with seven kilograms of hydrogen, and There are smooth running, low noise characteristics.

Previously, the passenger in the first 150 kilometers of road tests, the realization of the whole trouble-free, error-free operation, creating a new record for the world's automobile industry made of hydrogen.

According to Foshan Yunfu after hydrogen industry '1135' strategic plan, the prototype vehicle completed testing all the commercial conditions in the near future mass production in the first half next year, plans to first launch in demonstration runs Foshan, Yunfu cities bus lines, become the world's largest hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet operators.

Field test ride, the Guangdong Foshan Municipal Committee, Foshan Yunfu Headquarters of the aid to Xu, Canada RandallMacEven Ballard et al., Each with an empty mineral water bottles from the vehicle 'exhaust pipe' at the dripping stopped, the crowd cheers gulp, 'absolutely zero pollution' feature to prove that fuel cell buses. (End) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.