Merchants Fund surplus on investment security guaranteed hybrid securities investment fund to participate in the Everbright Bank, Ping An Bank fund investment purchase promotions, online trading system subscription rates promotions announcement

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Thanks to our trust and support of investors for a long time, China Merchants Fund Management Co., Ltd. by the China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'China Everbright Bank [microblogging],' Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Ping An Bank' consultations Merchants Anying guaranteed hybrid securities investment funds to participate in more than institutional fund sales since October 20, 2015 fixed investment purchase promotions or online trading system subscription rates promotions.

Details are as follows:

First, the rate of promotions applicable range of investors

The activities in accordance with applicable rules and regulations of the fund contract People's Republic of China concerning the legal legitimate investor can invest in securities investment funds.

Second, time and content promotions

1, fixed investment purchase promotions

2, the online trading system subscription rates promotions

Third, pay attention

1, the fund is scheduled to vote online trading systems business and other unknown matters, please follow the specific provisions of the sales organization.

2, the fund subscription rate See << Fund contract >>, << >> and related prospectus announcement.

3, the sales organization for this promotion reserves the right of final interpretation.

Fourth, the consulting approach

1, each sales organization and customer service phone web site

2, the investment fund company's Web site:

3, China Merchants Fund Customer Service Phone: 400-887-9555

V. Risk Warning

1, investors should carefully read the proposed investment fund << Fund contract >>, << >> prospectuses and other legal documents and various sales organizations fund investment, online trading system business rules and other information, understand the risk-return characteristics of the investment fund and according to their investment objectives, investment horizon, investment experience, asset status and determine whether the fund investor risk tolerance match.

2, investors should be fully aware of the difference between fund investment and bank installment savings and other ways the Fund is scheduled to vote is to guide investors to make long-term investments, the average investment cost of a simple way to invest. However, fixed investment and not to avoid the risk inherent in the investment of funds, investors can not be guaranteed benefit, nor is an alternative way of managing money savings equivalent.

3, China Merchants Fund committed to honesty, diligence principles of management and responsible use of fund assets, but does not guarantee the profitability of fund, nor guarantee a minimum income. Please investors of investment risks.

Notice is hereby

China Merchants Fund Management Co., Ltd.

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