October 19 evening and Shenzhen important investment / agreement / contract / bid bulletin List

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Securities Times Online (www.stcn.com October 19 hearing

Liuzhou medicine proposed 30 million endowment-owned pharmaceutical subsidiary established

Liuzhou medicine (60,336,810 May 19 evening announcement, the company intends to invest 30 million yuan to set up endowment-owned subsidiary, which invested 10 million yuan in cash to set up drug Liu Guangxi Medical Management Co., in cash invested 20 million yuan to set up Xixian Zhu Guang Technology Co., Ltd. Chinese medicine.

It is reported that Liu Guangxi Pharmaceutical Medical Management Ltd. will be the main health care investment advice, health advice, hospital investment management, medical equipment leasing business, broad 西仙茱 Technology Co., Ltd. will be the main Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, medicinal and edible herbs medicated bags, agricultural products, native production and sales business.

Liuzhou medicine, said the investment will help to widen and strengthen around the industrial chain, and actively expand the pharmaceutical industry to the upstream and downstream terminal market, to further expand the business scope of the company and develop new profit growth point.

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Securities Times Online (www.stcn.com October 19 hearing

Yu Heng Pharmaceutical intends to 150 million property insurance company initiated the establishment of the Internet

Yu Heng Pharmaceutical (00,243,710 May 19 evening announcement, to promote the development of the company in the Internet financial sector, develop new profit growth point, the company intends to 150 million yuan of its own funds to participate initiated the establishment of the Internet's Property Insurance Company.

Announcements, the registered capital of the newly established company is 10 million, will be carried out with the internet trading directly related to the insurance business, according to China Insurance Industry Association in 2014 released << >> Internet Insurance industry report, from 2011 to 2014 four In between, the Internet of insurance premiums increased scale to 85.89 billion yuan from 3.2 billion yuan, an increase of the overall four years to reach 25.8 times the average annual growth rate of 200%.

The explosive growth of the Internet premiums, depending on the online consumption payment habits are formed, low cost network channel management, IT policy to shorten the processing time for other reasons. With convenient information exchange, the advantages of flexible business model, the Internet is expected to receive broad development of insurance space will bring long-term stability of the company's investment income.

The company said, involved in initiating the establishment of an insurance company, is without prejudice to the use of its own funds under the premise of the main business development, will not adversely affect the company's main business. In addition, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved the establishment of an insurance company requires a certain period, It is not expected to have an impact on the 2015 annual results.

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John Hancock Medical fitting construction Cancer Hospital

John Hancock Medical (00,221,910 May 19 evening announcement, the company and the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement << >>, it intends to build Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tumor Hospital and reached a preliminary intention proton therapy center in Chengdu.

Announcements, they intend to jointly create a large tumor hospital in Chengdu - Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tumor Hospital, the hospital is an independent legal entity, for-profit hospitals, the controlling shareholder of John Hancock Medical.

At the same time, we intend the new Cancer Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese proton therapy center for cancer Hospital Branch, through the introduction of foreign advanced proton accelerator and high radioactive diagnostic equipment, but Kang-site support center, give full play to the advantages of rehabilitation medicine, carry cancer patients after proton therapy rehabilitation, the hospital together to fight domestic first-class cancer hospital.

John Hancock Medical said << >> signed a framework agreement in line with the company's core strategic focus of tumor diagnosis and treatment will help expand the company's cancer treatment and rehabilitation in the field of business, the layout of proton therapy center, play cancer radiotherapy technology advantages and economies of scale, enhance the company's cancer treatment core competence areas.

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Good News Snapshots transferee stake in Jinan Tianlong enhance the competitiveness of the railway system

Good News Snapshots (30,021,310 May 19 evening announcement, the company uses its own funds 68,085,000 yuan transferee held 陈育青 and other individual shareholders of Dragon High-tech Development Co., Ltd. 30.26% stake in Jinan railway. After the acquisition, the company will hold Jinan 81.26% stake in Dragon.

The parties agreed that the transaction commitment to performance commitment period for 2015,2016 and 2017 year. Jinan Dragon 2015-2017 annual cumulative profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses of 45 million yuan, and in 2015, 2016 year net profit of not less than 15 million. Failure to achieve, by 陈育青 and other individual shareholders in accordance with the conversion ratio of the former to fulfill their obligation to compensate the joint ownership.

Good News Snapshots, said the company through this acquisition to further increase the proportion of holdings owned subsidiary Jinan Dragon, expand investment income. On the other hand in favor of Jinan Tianlong more effectively towards the depth and breadth of rapid development, improve the company in the railway system The overall competitive strength for the future development of the company lay a solid foundation to further enhance the level of shareholder returns.

Good News Snapshots also announced 2015 third quarter report to achieve the company the first three quarters of total operating income 760 million yuan, an increase of 24.83%, net profit of 57.45 million yuan, an increase of 14.45%.

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US health biological 21.8 million yuan acquisition of Ningbo Sang Park

US health organisms (30,043,910 May 19 evening announcement, the company's wholly-owned US subsidiary, SD MEDICAL SYSTEM.INC (San Diego, United States and Hong biological Ltd. YU LIUMING be invested to acquire it holds a 21.8 million yuan of Ningbo Health Biotechnology Park Ltd. 100% equity.

Business Ningbo Health Park as the development of new biological compounds or active ingredients of the drug. Meikang biological, said the company acquired Ningbo Sang Park to expand the business scope of the company and contribute to the company's strategic layout is conducive to enhance the company's competitiveness and profitability have a positive impact on the company's performance in future years.

Daoming Optics intends to nearly 800 million acquisition of SRO Kevlar 20 onwards suspension

Daoming Optics (00,263,210 May 19 evening announcement, the company is planning a major asset reorganization, the matter involving the company intends to buy SRO Kevlar (Jiangsu Co., Ltd. 100% stake in the initial valuation of the target company in the amount of not more than 780 million yuan, in order to avoid abnormal stock price volatility, the company to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange [microblogging] application, the company shares suspended since October 20, 2015 (Tuesday opening.

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Securities Times Online (www.stcn.com October 19 hearing

Real smart bid 250 million yuan Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Procurement Contract

Real smart (00,242,110 May 19 evening announcement, the company was identified as the winning bidder 'Renhuai City People's Hospital overall electromechanical equipment relocation project total package' project bid amount is 250 million yuan, accounting for the company's audited 2014 annual sales 19.79% of revenue.

CITIC Guoan intended to vote 1 billion acquisition of triple play projects

CITIC Guoan (00,083,910 May 19 evening announcement, to seize the triple play and the Internet + the opportunity to increase the integration of assets, and enable capital to maximize operational efficiency, to promote the company's restructuring, the company intends to invest in the establishment of the Tibetan national security Weinrib Management Ltd. (tentative name on the basis to the fund company fund managers (GP, setting up related investment and buyout funds, raising the total size of about 40 billion, of which the company intends to not more than 1 billion yuan invested in batches, to invest in in line with national industrial policy mergers and acquisitions, private equity, mezzanine financing, private placement of listed companies, the proposed new three board listed companies and listed companies issuing the like. At the same time the fund will focus on investment in line with the company's transformation of the cable television business innovation, Internet and technology projects as well as large areas of data, to help companies achieve industrial integration.

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Younger proportion of investment holdings amounted to 4.43 percent of CITIC shares

Younger (60,017,710 May 19 evening announcement, September 2, 2015 to October 19, 2015, the company through the secondary market to buy 152 million shares of CITIC shares, the transaction total amount of 1.726 billion yuan of people, representing a year-end after the audited net assets of 10.45%.

As of October 19, 2015, Youngor 1.289 billion shares held by CITIC shares, representing 4.43% of total equity shares of CITIC, the investment cost 14.779 billion yuan.

It is understood that, in August 2015, Younger AGM to authorize the company's management based on a single market and company funds, CITIC shares (00267.HK in the range of not more than 5% of its total share capital, to continue through the secondary market or Other ways to invest in financial assets not included in the restructuring of the scale.

January 1, 2015 to July 17, 2015, through its wholly-owned subsidiary of Younger Younger (Hong Kong Industrial Co., Ltd., a new horse clothing International Ltd. to sell 116 million shares of CITIC shares, and on July 17, 2015 and CITIC Limited signed a share subscription agreement to invest HK $ 11.986 billion, at a price of HK $ 13.95 / share subscription of 859 million shares in the IPO of CITIC shares .2015 on July 18 to September 1, 2015, through the secondary market to buy CITIC Younger Shares 162,000,000 shares, the total transaction amount 1.909 billion yuan, accounting for 11.55% on a year-end audited net assets.

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Hai Sike shareholding enterprises intend ten million US dollars stake in Israeli medical device company

Hai Sike (00,265,310 May 19 evening announcement, the company shareholding enterprises HaisThera Scientific Fund I, LP on October 15, 2015 and ENDOSPAN LTD. And its associated shareholders signed < > .HaisThera $ 10 million will be used to subscribe for 385 million shares of preferred stock EndospanD sequence, accounting for 10.75% of the shares.

Statistics show that, Endospan is a medical device R & D in Israel company, its clinical products for the 'Nexus' and 'Horizon', for the treatment of aortic endovascular stent aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection and other diseases.

It is reported that, 'Nexus' is expected to become the world's first 'ready to use' aortic arch repair scaffold, it is expected to make use of the listing into a simple minimally invasive surgical treatment of thoracic aortic disease complicated surgery, patients may be suitable for surgery surgery treatment, and can reduce surgical complications, shorter recovery time after surgery, while the 'Horizon' is expected to become the world's first unilateral surgical repair of abdominal aortic stent, the outer diameter of the product is very small, and there are two placement system position, the above characteristics on the part or whole blood vessel blockage and severe vascular stenosis is particularly effective.

Hai Sike said that under the relevant agreements, Hai Sike will receive a 'Nexus' and 'Horizon' 20 years of exclusive sales agents in China (calculated to obtain the product from the date of approval from the Chinese authorities, the company will enhance future performance generated positive impact.

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Chinese ship more than 300 million yuan again increase shareholder's research hospital

Chinese ships (60,015,010 May 19 evening announcement, in order to further accelerate the development of its own brand of high-power diesel engine program, production, R & D platform to build dynamic, a wholly owned subsidiary Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. and the controlling shareholder of China Shipbuilding Group intends to Ship Power Research Institute Co. again replenishment, replenishment of 629 million yuan in total.

CSSC and Hudong Heavy had in December 2013 jointly Power Research Institute conducted a capital increase, China Shipbuilding Group invested 200 million yuan, accounting for more than 51% of shares, Hudong Heavy invested 192 million yuan, accounting for more than 49 shares %.

Statistics show that in ship power Research Institute, Ltd. was established in December 2010, it is a subsidiary of CSSC ship power technology innovation and transformation and upgrading of the core business, is mainly responsible for national research and independent product research and development tasks. Currently, the company can Independent development and design its own brand series medium-speed and low-speed machines, equipment and technology solution to provide power, and provide technical support for the relevant product lifecycle (including marketing, manufacturing, security, and service.

It is reported that, in 2015, the Institute will have many power projects have started construction, including equity investments in ship Wärtsilä, China Shipbuilding Wärtsilä power plant construction projects and R & D Building Research Institute, construction projects above projects are expected to total fixed assets investment of about 1.1 billion yuan, while equity investment in Wärtsilä Ship Power Research Institute, capital investment amounted to 138 million, the total project all the funds it needs 1.238 billion yuan as of the end of 2014, the fund balance of the company was 190 million yuan, and therefore Power Research Institute, all of the actual project funding total demand of 1.048 billion yuan.

According to the State Council on the adjustment of fixed asset investment projects capital ratio requirements for the control of project financing risk, reduce investment costs, the proposed power projects Academy of total capital ratio of 60%. To promote the progress of implementation of the above investment projects, CSSC with the original stake Hudong Heavy Institute will jointly dynamic replenishment, total capital amounted to 629 million yuan required.

It is understood that the capital increase will be implemented in two phases. The first phase intends to increase the proportion of capital in 2015 with 400 million yuan, of which China Shipbuilding Group to increase 204 million yuan, 196 million yuan capital increase Hudong Heavy Machinery, the second phase of the proposed capital increase in 2016 the proportion of the capital increase with 229 million yuan, of which China Shipbuilding Group to increase 117 million yuan, 112 million yuan capital increase Hudong Heavy Machinery.

According to the China Shipbuilding disclosure, the capital increase will accelerate the construction of power projects and R & D Building Research Institute, CSSC Wärtsilä joint venture project. After the completion of the latter to produce medium and large bore medium-speed diesel engines and dual fuel engines, with an annual output of large-bore speed diesel engines and dual fuel engine production capacity of 1.1 million kilowatts, CSSC effectively strengthen market share and position in the marine, marine areas, and to enhance the status and influence of the market.

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Great Lakes shares over joint management of water environment expert, a joint venture company

Great Lakes shares (60,025,710 May 19 evening announcement, the company intends to Changsha fiscal Investment Management Limited, as a natural person Zhu Yan, Xie Ping, NI happy, Luo Jinming, Chenke Zhong, He Guanghui jointly set up the establishment of a large lake environmental governance Limited, registered capital of 50 million yuan, of which, the Great Lakes shares subscribed invested 29.5 million yuan, accounting for 59% of the registered capital.

It is worth noting that the above-funded six individuals, the Zhu for words, Xie Ping, NI happy at the same time the main member of the Committee of Experts, the three are experts in related fields. Statistics show that Zhu made a statement for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Freshwater Ecology and Biotechnology laboratory director, chief scientist large lake colonization Co., mainly engaged in aquatic animals. Xie Ping, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a researcher, doctoral tutor, Chinese Academy of Engineering candidate, has long been committed eutrophication and Research on algal blooms outbreak mechanism and biological control measures. Ni happy to Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher, mainly engaged in aquatic plants lakes degradation and repair mechanisms centered ecology.

Great Lakes shares, said the joint several experts and professors, the formation of specialized water environment management company, for the rural non-point source pollution and urban sewage flowing into lakes, reservoirs, rivers impact on the water environment, the application of aquatic animals, aquatic plants and microorganisms methods, especially the use of biological metabolic repair core technology, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and other water environment governance, both improved water environment, but also provide green consumer, health, ecology, environmental protection of freshwater aquatic products of high quality, and create A new model for large integrated water governance.

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Sea Orchid House more than 1.3 billion investment to build intelligent logistics warehouse three quarterly increase four percent

Sea Orchid House (60,039,810 May 19 evening announcement, the company marketing network expansion in order to meet demand and improve the efficiency of logistics, warehouse management to make the company become a value-added content management, a wholly owned subsidiary company Hailan House Clothing Co., Ltd. plans voted to build 'smart logistics warehouse construction projects.' Project intends to invest in two years to complete construction investment, after the completion of the entire flow of capital investment into production within three years, with a total investment of 1.307 billion yuan, of which construction investment 1.284 billion yuan, 22.62 million yuan of liquidity .

It is understood, intelligent logistics warehouse construction project will be built in Jiangyin City Hailan House Huashi Industrial Park project uses the enterprise existing 118,000 square meters of land, about 177 acres and plans to build six intelligent warehouse, with a total construction area 472,900 square meters, will purchase 2318 sets of various types of equipment. Project operating at full capacity with 150 million / yr logistics flow capacity.

Sea Orchid House disclosed that financially, the project can be realized in the normal income 360 million yuan, 9.57% after-tax internal rate of return on corporate management, project implementation can be effectively integrated enterprise supply chain, warehousing and logistics to provide important business development protection and achieve three win providers, enterprises, stores.

By the end of 2014, 'Sea Orchid House' brand stores up to 3348, an increase of 15.97% over 2013. The company said that with the growing number of stores increase and enterprise scale, logistics will be further growth in the future. Thus, the sub The company intends to invest in the construction of logistics warehouses, the company aims to provide better support services, to protect the company's operations.

Sea Orchid House also announced the 2015 third quarter report, the company achieved operating income of 11.325 billion yuan the first three quarters, an increase of 39.04%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 2.29 billion yuan, an increase of 41.95%.

Quarterly disclosure, as of the end of the third quarter, the margin held by Sea Orchid House 8172.89 million shares, 1.82% stake, ranked the sixth largest shareholders. In addition, the National Social Security Fund 108 Portfolio holds 104 million shares, 2.32% stake, the company's fifth-largest shareholder in circulation.

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China Railway Construction subsidiary won the bid of nearly 4.8 billion yuan railway project

China Railway Construction (60,118,610 May 19 evening announcement, recently, the company under the China Railway 14th Bureau of China Railway 12th Bureau were awarded Beijing to Shenyang Passenger Railway Line before Beijing Dan Station project (excluding EMU apply the construction JSJJSG-12 standard segment, JSJJSG-9 construction tenders the total price contract, the total price of about 4.795 billion yuan, accounting for 0.81 percent of the company in 2014 revenue.

Shanghai Construction the first three quarters of completion of the contract signed more than 120 billion of the total target of 75%

Shanghai Construction (60,017,010 May 19 evening announcement, in January 2015 to September, the company and its subsidiaries have a total of 124.955 billion yuan contract, an increase of 3.2%, accounting for the new contract total 2015 annual goals the board of directors determined 75.7%.

In the new total contract, the construction contract amount of about 105.422 billion yuan business, design and consultancy services contract amount of about 4.528 billion yuan, construction-related industry business contracts amounted to approximately 5.299 billion yuan, real estate sale contracts amounting to approximately 5.942 billion yuan, and other business contracts amounted to approximately 3.764 billion yuan.

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