How important is early gastric cancer screening?

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Stomach cancer has become a common disease worldwide, in all types of cancer ranks third worldwide incidence of China gastric cancer prevalence rate has reached about twenty hundred thousandths Peking University Cancer Hospital Gastrointestinal Cancer Center Second ward chief physician, Dr. oncology step Zhao Germany noted that gastrointestinal cancer prevention need to adhere to a good diet. In addition, early detection and early treatment is the key to diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer, they require regular endoscopy, colonoscopy to screening for cancer.

Peking University Cancer Hospital Gastroenterology Lu Ming, deputy director of Physicians recommends that conditions permit, people over the age of 40 should be checked every two years gastroscopy, if there is a family history, age of cancer screening should be done sufficiently in advance. If Isolated had gastrointestinal cancer, do not panic, change their attitude, and timely to the regular hospital or cancer specialist oncology conduct regular hospital treatment.

Q: Gastric cancer is caused by how the incidence of gastric cancer is how??

Step Zhao Germany: gastric cancer mainly genetic mechanisms of genetic and environmental factors lead to gastric cancer is now more clear that CDH1 gene mutation probability is small genetic factors, hereditary stomach cancer probably no more than 5% of the number of gastric cancer...

Environmental factors are causes most stomach cancer, mainly referring to the progressive development of chronic inflammation, this process may undergo ten to two decades. It is worth noting that, in patients with chronic inflammation of the stomach, there is a high proportion of people are Helicobacter pylori (also known as the HP of those infected with H. pylori infection can cause gastritis, gastric precancerous lesions and then develop into -. atrophic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia If you need to detect whether the infection HP, It can be performed by endoscopy and biopsy examination breath test after determining the infection your doctor may recommend drugs to kill the body of HP, thereby eliminating a carcinogenic risk factors.

Early gastric cancer not specific, it may be more similar to some of the usual performance, such as loss of appetite, upset stomach, nausea, flatulence, etc. Many lives upset stomach symptoms may be ignored us, but after long years of accumulation, stomach It may occur.

Q: Who gastric easy to find?

Step Zhao Germany: 45 years of age, there is a family history of gastric cancer, often appear upset stomach or occult blood and other symptoms, chronic stomach and gastric surgery patients who belong to groups at high risk of gastric cancer! If the unit does not contain a gastroscopy colonoscopy examination project, gastroscopy colonoscopy should do it yourself. For those who have no symptoms of it, it should do a gastroscopy colonoscopy. This test not done every year, no inspections five years after the issue, then you can check.

Q: How important early gastric cancer screening?

Step Zhao Germany: gastroscopy early detection and cure rate of over 90%! The cure rate of early gastric cancer more than 90% cure rate medium term surgical cases dropped 45 percent to 50 percent, advanced gastric cancer survive for only about a year, then it is not curable.

Gastroscopy only fifteen minutes, and let the tumor might bring fifteen-year life of the wreck. Most general medical unit can not detect early gastric cancer. Like do B ultrasonic examination for the detection of tumor is way too rough up, unable to find an early cancer. And through gastroscopy, colonoscopy, stomach cancer can be detected early.

Q: fifteen minutes of gastroscopy too painful?

Step Zhao Germany: Since endoscopy may bring discomfort, many people do not want to step Zhao Germany warned that the current presence or absence of pain gastroscopy, gave the patient to sleep fifteen minutes after the anesthetic can be done to check, do not fear.

As of now being developed capsule endoscopy technology, because the stomach is full of wrinkles, mucosa together with capsule endoscopy can not look at all, only the stomach inside the folds expand to a thorough check. So capsule endoscopy current role is relatively limited.

Q: gastric cancer and the relationship between eating habits are not so big?

Step Zhao Germany: Although the disease from the mouth, saying very common therapeutic regimen, step Zhao Germany believe that eating is not the main risk factors of gastric cancer.

Some people say that eating chili easy to get cancer, but in fact, Sichuan, Hunan chili eating more incidence of gastric cancer is not much higher. How much meat relationship with gastric cancer is not great, as long as the normal diet, reasonable rest motion, it will not. ' Eat cancer. '

More than cancer, and now various types of cancers, early detection is the best way to cure, so do not fear pain gastroscope fifteen minutes, forty-five more people have to do to check if the forty-five plays performed Check, then at least you can sit back and relax within five years.

Appointment Raiders

Multidisciplinary open network reservation registration

Gastrointestinal Cancer Center of Peking University Cancer Hospital, digestive and gastrointestinal cancer oncology and other relevant departments have launched an appointment networks. Micro-channel platform, the official website of Beijing an appointment on the same platform, Beijing 114 reservation platform, hospital window You can make an appointment.

Tips: take a number registered machines and self-service window can be linked to number the day after the official website home page click Open to enter the public version, the lower left is the reservation button registration room on the 2nd window was extended to 7 pm weekdays open for your convenience. to make an appointment.

The number of experts can be booked one week, the ordinary number of public holidays, days off Sunday without an appointment number (including Saturday and Sunday. Daily 8:00 am update signal source, the daily 14:00 to stop the next appointment. Every Friday 14:00 Stop appointment next Monday after the holiday from the first day of the clinic number 14 points before the last business day stop reservation. buffet take a number registered machines and windows can be taken to the reservation number.

Consultation among registered

Doctors will be arranged according to test results came time for his next patient visits. Peking University Cancer Hospital also provides a number of experts with a medical secretary, better services for patients.

Tips: Because cancer treatment is a long process, coupled with the part number is reserved room is used as a source attending the reservation number, advise patients to seek treatment for the first time to hang an ordinary number.

Visits Raiders

MTD (multidisciplinary treatment model

Lu Ming, cancer is a systemic disease, a single tumor diagnosis and treatment also involves a number of professional disciplines. In gastrointestinal cancer, for example, in the Peking University Cancer Hospital MTD treatment in gastrointestinal cancer center (surgery, digestive oncology (specialist medicine, interventional radiology, Radiology, Ultrasound, pathology and other disciplines to focus on the patient's condition system analysis, combined with the patient's own situation, after the balance, to give a scientific and rational best Treatment programs.

MTD multidisciplinary treatment can reduce the probability of misdiagnosis, patient 'detours' to reduce the number of visits, and provide treatment program consists of multiple disciplines expert 'one-stop', it is also so that patients can get timely, science clinics in Britain, cancer patients must MTD related medical clinic has been written law.

At present, Peking University Cancer Hospital MTD treatment by the patient's attending physician to apply binding condition of the patient, the expert team of gastrointestinal tumors in weekly discussions focused on the diagnosis and treatment of cases, treatment options are given. MTD clinics Peking charged by special needs patient outpatient costs.

In addition, Peking University Cancer Hospital, the doctor can make an appointment through the hospital's physicians other departments within the system, through the coordination of individual doctors between selected time together on the diagnosis and treatment of patients. This is actually a small multi-disciplinary clinic, you can also reach MDT Effect.

Tips: Dr. Lu Ming believes that the resource conditions permit, every cancer patient should receive treatment if you go to the North MDT tumor hospital, ask your doctor whether you need to make MDT treatment.

Palliative Care

World Health Organization definition of palliative care is that for patients who do not respond to curative treatment fully active treatment and care. Palliative stressed symptom control, patient support and enhance the quality of life and many connotations.

'Palliative care is not only for the terminally ill,' Lu Ming, non-surgical means to cure all patients during treatment should be introduced into the concept of palliative care. Peking University Cancer Hospital in addition to traditional medical treatment, palliative care will put in an important position, the body of the patient do to ease the psychological to ease, so that family members of patients also felt the support and comfort.

For patients with early cancer, palliative care can help him ease the surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy caused by a variety of symptoms, attitude adjustment, soothing mood, for a terminally ill, palliative care is committed to helping them enhance the meaning of life.

Tips: Peking University Cancer Hospital Palliative Care Center was established in April 2015, palliative outpatient palliative outpatient clinic also will not be the same as 'hospice' palliative treatment centers medical team covers cancer clinicians, pain. , rehabilitation, and other professional psychological intervention.


In addition to traditional telephone follow-up, Peking University Cancer Hospital also launched a micro-channel follow-up, to facilitate patient contact a doctor at any time. Each department has its own follow-up team will regularly visit patients. Patients after discharge, and can also Feel free to contact follow-up team, get professional disease monitoring and medical guidance.

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