SMS was received from the bank fraudulent Bank recommends timely ask customer service

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Today, almost every citizen will have a hand or a few credit cards. Recently, citizens holes received a 'bank' sent a message, saying that you can redeem cash, click on the link, stolen brushes 7,500 yuan.

Points received cash gold SMS

Public credit card was fraudulent 7500 yuan

Hole is a white-collar people in the West about a company to work at 11:00 on October 16, apertures receive a text message sent to 95533, which reads:. 'Good news CCB notice: full 1000 points in your account, you can 5% cash exchange, please login mobile phone network query Exchange, shall lapse. '

Hole does have a CCB's credit card, then immediately click on the link in the message. 'At that time the page is also very realistic, I think we should not have any problem, in accordance with the above requirements, fill in the name, card number, ID number and withdrawal password. 'Then, the phone has received three successive prompt message, his credit card was brushed three times, each 2,500 yuan, 7,500 yuan in total. holes immediately call the bank to freeze the credit card customer, it did not result in further losses. Then he report to the police to the public security organs.

Finally, when you wake up step

Ask customer service in a timely manner to avoid being cheated

Coincidentally, Mr. Tai people also suffered such things, but fortunately he vigilance, did not result in damage to property at 10:00 on October 17 and more, Mr. Tai suddenly received a text message sent to 95588, the content is: 'Dear User Hello, your points can be redeemed ICBC accounts 1,998 yuan in cash, please log in our bank site be redeemed, shall lapse.'

Then, Mr. Tai will point to open the link in a text message, follow the steps to get started. When the operation to the final step, asked Mr Tai enter personal information, including credit card information, Mr. Tai suddenly stopped, 'my mind suddenly jump telecommunications fraud seen before the news, I feel something is wrong. '

In order to verify their own ideas, Mr. Tai immediately call the customer service line workers were asked, confirmed that banks are not engaged in similar activities, he received an SMS message really is fraud.

Typical 'false base station' fraud

Redeem bank will not 'virtual debit'

Police investigators told reporters that this is typical of the use of computer technology means of telecommunications fraud cases. Lawless use of 'pseudo-base station' to send large amounts of fraud information of the content to a range of mobile phone users by computer software, send a message to the phone displays the bank number.

In this regard, the police reminded the public that the first people to look for the official Internet sites of major banks, mobile sites, credit card points to redeem official website URL, the URL to be alert to search or click through others, provide links to other sites to log on, secondly, banks will not be a 'virtual debit' redeem the time, such as SMS prompts to pay for information, on high alert, again, such as questions about the bank sent a relevant message, we recommend temporarily do any operation, the first time the bank branches staff counseling. In addition, credit card theft brush once found, please call customer service hotline immediately freeze the bank credit card, the police and made a report to avoid losses from increasing. Reporters branch feather Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.