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Sina Game News August 17 news, 'Father RO of' a new MMORPG << wolf knight Jin Xuekui development >> August 14 opened the first beta, the game can be said with MOBA MMORPG combination provides both MMORPG continuity of play and develop interactive experience, but also has MOBA contest of battle content.

<< >> Wolf Knight biggest feature is the introduction of the system of the season, the players in accordance with the way the season fighting sports, coins obtained, props, levels, etc. will be initialized in the game after attending this season, but this season between the Accumulated points can be exchanged for a new role bonus and skills, or purchase prepared for the next season, props, etc. Next, the player then we can challenge the new season.

Korean media experience:

As a stressed PVP Battle online game << >> unique wolf knight moves refreshing sense of combat performance and the players make too full of desire to fight. Despite the small series found that optimizing the current game client in the course of the game there are big problem, the game will always be the card off. But compared with the general MMORPG << >> cool wolf knight PvP combat system is very good indeed.

The first test version, the wolf knight << >> Ten career are all open for players to experience, including blood mage, Ice mage, fire mage, warlock, fighting swordsmen, guardians, assassins, soldiers, musketeers, the Knights Templar. << >> current wolf Knights throughout the game system has been very sound, small to large to strengthen the arms of the new MOBA gameplay have been very complete, detailed features can also be seen in the role of the entire development team very carefully, it is worth the players look forward to. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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