Information technology: cloud computing and other hot spots recommended Thirteen Five planning policy 12 shares

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 53

Recent computer industry sector rose 16.18 percent last week, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose 5.81%. Computer outperforming the broader market 10.37 percent, rose in all sectors of living in the first one.

Increase the forefront of company is flush, potential Hanson, Shanghai Putian, creative information, decline in the forefront of the company is up to Chinese intelligence, halo new and so on.

Last week, the computer sector dynamic earnings fast uplink. Computer (CITIC plate P / E (overall method, the report in 2014 as 102.95x, 2015 Dynamic P / E (overall method of 57.54x, 2016 Dynamic P / E (overall law 41.23x. From the computer sector and the ratio of the CSI 300 valuation point of view, this ratio is currently 8.02, higher than the average of the past year (7.71.

Comments eighth session of the Fifth Plenary Session will focus on 'Thirteen Five-Year Plan' concern 'planning' information security, cloud computing and other hot spots may be involved in policy. (1 agricultural information, information acquired Zhongnong China Cinda is indeed farmland right leader, based on the circulation of agricultural land is expected to expand rural finance other value-added services, (2 information security field, industry and information technology and automation is 'Thirteen Five' focus, focus on safety recommendations industry leading Venus, (3 civil-military integration will be a new trends, the information base of 'Thirteen Five' period concerned military information leading Westone, (4 SOE reform remains a long-term policy focus, focus on the wave of information, in Section dawn, purple stock, with have science and technology, (5 expected infrastructure construction investment is expected to exceed two trillion yuan mark, it proposes a focus on leading the transformation of enterprise cloud software UF network and IDC / CDN leading ChinaNetCenter, large primary concern of the East Fang Guoxin the data level.

Valuation and recommendation of long-term we are still bullish on cloud computing, big data, information security / localization and other sub-sub-sections, it is recommended to select stocks from two ways: (1 have performance support, low valuation (of course, the recent valuation of the central sector and has improved stocks: Aerospace Information, Arima software, LONDON force, thousand square technology, the East Pass, Jebsen shares, digital Masamichi, East Fang Guoxin, Venus, (2 transformation logic intact stocks including Shiji Information, Glodon, ultra-mapping software, UFIDA networks.

In the short-term market risk appetite significantly improved, thirteen five-year plan the formation of good background, (1 concern equity incentive part of a landing time shares such as Infotech, business software, attention time shares in the performance of good mental state electronics, (2 from fine sub-sector level, the short-term interest by the Eastern wealth, Flush driven Internet banking sub-sector.

Risk (1 plate systemic valuation correction, (2 policy ground as fast as expected. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.