Ali showed off this play, the temptation of rushing

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 27

'Double 11' have come, according to the law in previous years, if you do not do something to prepare in advance, that day is not grab what 'good goods'.

Yesterday, Ali announced in advance of the 'double 11' of the specific gameplay. In addition to the previously announced 'globalization', there are one hundred million yuan red envelope, 'and shops Celebration' and so on.

'Double 11' show off the site Watercube

Thousands of spectators rush seats open this month

Earlier, Ali released by the 'double 11' show co-hosted by director Feng Xiaogang, joint Hunan Satellite TV [microblogging] yesterday, Ali confirmed that the variety show will be held at the Water Cube.

As for exactly what the star to join 'American Idol Adam Lambert, South Korean popular band CNBLUE, 'oxygen goddess' Fan et al confirmed to join.' Relevant person in charge told the Qianjiang Evening News reporter Ali aspects.

Fun is in this 'double 11 Spring Festival', consumers can through television, computers, mobile phones and other multi-platform 'play while watching buy.' Evening will feature group games (groups led by the star, the audience Guess the whole way to interact with the audience. evening broadcast process, download the latest version of the mobile phone Lynx [microblogging], phone Taobao audience, just guess a group, have the opportunity to win the game through the 'Shake' to get 'one yuan to buy' goods, including travel abroad on a tall, high-tech smart appliances.

Show thousands of spectators will be open seats, from the end of October, the day the cat official micro channels such as mobile phones Lynx party tickets will be released 'rush tickets' approach.

+30 100 000 000 envelopes one hundred million yuan coupons

This year's 'double 11' games are played upgrade

This year's 'double 11' than in previous years has seven upgrades such as brand, in addition to a selection of 30,000, there are 5,000 international brands, the introduction of the 10 largest import categories, such as vehicles, household appliances, alcohol, raw Fresh ......

The most important thing is gameplay upgrade. Qianjiang Evening News reporter was informed that the, Lynx brought together more than 700 global buyers, more than 80 professional media and 1111 amounted to human consumers of all types and styles of personalized custom list . These lists will be displayed on double 11 warm-up page, consumers can easily access, choice.

Of course, the 'Cock wire' has a lot of benefits. For example, this year consumers to receive a red envelope of play with a big change, more entertaining and interactive, the Order of species including red, red rain, keyword red envelopes, etc., the total number of envelopes 1 more than one hundred million, the minimum face value of 1 yuan, up to 1111 yuan.

In issuing 100 million envelopes while Lynx also announced in November 1 on-line total of 30 billion yuan of Lynx double 11 coupons. Lynx users can page through the PC side, the mobile terminal APP and Lynx phone Taobao dual 11 events in the page to grab the coupons.

Carnival along the line 180 000 shops

Starting today you can go to the store receive promotions

It is understood that Suning, Intime more than a thousand businesses, stores over the next 180,000 lines will be added to this year's 'double 11' carnival ranks.

Starting today, consumers can walk into these stores receive the 'Celebration shops dual 11' to shop news alerts, scan the above two-dimensional code can get the merchant coupons, double 11 the same day in the business Lynx shop use, the total value of these coupons of about 4.8 billion yuan.

These businesses also launched a line of the same below the line with the price of money, members open up, open up services and other activities. If you buy appliances and 3C products in Lynx, and enjoy direct maintenance and antivirus computer installed in Suning stores Lynx Desk and other services. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.