Contrary to civilized custom can not turn a blind eye

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 18

Celebrity Square

According to the Quanzhou Evening News << >> reported recently, who lives in Quanzhou Yungu cell phone reflect the very fact that, during the Lunar New Year started, fifteen or two days, sixteen, many neighbors will burn gold in the corridor Paper worship the gods, not only choking smoke, ashes will fly into the house, and there is a security risk. Reporters interviewed found that street, corridor burn gold paper phenomenon is more prevalent. fire department reminded the public burning gold paper to do protective measures.

Chinese New Year, by way of burning paper and pay homage to worship the gods or ancestors, which is widespread throughout China Customs, and continues today. However, the era of development, although many practices a long historical heritage, but we can not be allowed to develop freely. with burning paper, for example, many communities in the corridor are piling up a lot of debris, burning paper Once here, can easily lead to a fire, life and property safety of the residents of the building poses a great threat. Therefore, when in the corridor and the street When burning paper has become a common phenomenon, the responsible departments work can not be limited to 'remind', and more can not expect the public to do the protective measures, but to take concrete actions to stop, do not wait until after the accident fatigue to deal with.

Of course, after all, has been firmly established traditions, across the board if you want to cancel is not realistic here, we should refer to the provisions of the many cities in the discharge of fireworks, the delineation of special areas to allow residents proper burning paper in the region, after the event also have someone check for problems. This will not only respect the traditions and customs, and allowed security risks can be controlled. In the long run, the government has to deal with both the burning paper this danger, there are practices to guide environmental pollution, a strong proponent of tree planting etc., so that people worship practices become more civilized, clean.

Finally, those who are in the corridor burning paper should also think about it, so worship after myself have some peace of mind and allows people fear doing right?

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