Bus formally launched to test the water drops Tourism Market

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 43

BEIJING, Oct. 19 Beijing Electric today announced the official visit by bit bus drops travelers APP, users can find the route to travel directly within the APP and tickets for travel on the bit. Didi area, he said the move will boost its cover rent car, business car, on behalf of the drive, carpool Carpool build other comprehensive 'one-stop' travel platform.

As one of the six pieces of travel platform product line, bit bus line on July 16 trial operation on micro-channel public platform. Up to now, Didi has opened more than 700 bus lines in Beijing, Shenzhen, two cities, reach 1500 shifts. Meanwhile, the bus drops also opened business end together for the opening lanes employees now have joint-ventures include SF [microblogging], Huawei, OPPO, Lenovo.

General Manager Li Jinfei bit bus division, said by two months of trial operation, whether in the individual market, or end aspects of business, drops buses have achieved outstanding results. Currently bit bus has successfully covered Beijing and Shenzhen most critical areas, the number of users of the service have more than 500,000. overall operations exceeded expectations, average attendance has exceeded 60%, again take rate reached 80 percent.

Located in the city bus drops complement public transportation, is committed by big data cloud aggregate demand and punctual travel program line services combined innovations for the increasingly serious problem of urban congestion seek effective solutions to meet people's differences of travel demand. The current bit bus user groups currently mainly office workers between the ages of 20-40, is aimed at commuting bus market.

However, commuter bus market is only a custom bus billion market in the Internet tip of the iceberg. In order to further improve the efficiency of bus vehicle drops, drops have begun to test the water bus tours market. It is reported that, 'Golden Week' period, as facilitate visits to scenic play, Didi bus in Beijing and Shenzhen opened more than 50 tourist routes which include Beijing Dongzhimen to the ancient North Township, Long Ze to the ancient North Township, etc., and Shenzhen is the cooperation with China through travel agencies, the opening of the airport line, high-speed rail lines, ports green, deep green Hong Kong, Hong Kong-Shenzhen line and other.

According 李锦飞, during the National Day holiday, bus travel lanes attendance drops more than 80%, of which Shenzhen Tourism opened the first day more than 7,000 orders for the single. 'Golden Week, the surge in the number of tour around the city, and the original transport carrier limited amount, resulting in most people's travel needs are not met, or the difference between the travel experience. cheap charter tours, can not guarantee security, travel agency chartered line, flexibility, and cost is not high, the city public bus, overcrowded bad experience Therefore, the opening of the tour bus drops green welcomed by many users. '

In this regard, the industry believes, to test the water drops bus tours, to a certain extent, can compensate for lack of demand for travel tour around the market, to meet travel demand in this part of the group. At the same time, also help explore business model bus drops . 'The current Internet custom bus market development is still in its infancy, the layout bit bus tours just a bus trip to explore the scene of the bus travel market is still more room for development future.' (End)

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