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The balance of the two financial leverage again nearly trillion cautious upward

Since the October market significantly warmer, on behalf of the higher level of investor risk appetite trends in the market leverage funds, also began brainer.

Data show that the two cities finance the balance of the net inflow of seven consecutive trading days, approaching one trillion yuan again one-day financing to buy two cities the size of 30 billion yuan to recover from the trough to the level of more than a thousand billion. However, last December 2 When the financial balance for the first time exceeded one trillion yuan compared to the current financing funds showing abandoned the broader market heavyweight, followed by hot topics characteristics.

Awkwardness of 36 national team Huijin ranks first tradable shareholders of Information Development

According to Reporters statistics, as of October 19, the team heavily loaded with stocks up to 36, of which many stocks is stationed get together, the cumulative shareholding proportion of the outstanding shares of more than 5% of the total of 10 Awkwardness.

As of October 19, squad shareholding further to expand around the same day, three quarterly Information Development (300469.SZ) disclosure shows that in the top ten tradable shareholders standings, Central Huijin holdings to 110.76 million shares Number ranks the company's largest shareholders of tradable shares. The remaining eight gold certificate account plans of the company holding 33.08 million shares tied to the three-tradable shareholders.

Li Keqiang: the first three quarters of GDP growth of 6.9% double hit play an important role

Premier Li Keqiang on the 19th to attend the first 'National public entrepreneurial innovation Peoples Week' in Beijing, breaking the established agenda impromptu speech for entrepreneurship and innovation by the 'Platform.' He said that at present China's development has entered a new normal, is in development and key converts the kinetic energy of the old and new, and to the mass start, the highly innovative structural reforms that stimulate the creativity of the whole society, to build a new engine development, this year at the world economic downturn and financial market turmoil, the first three quarters of China's economic growth 6.9%, remained at around 7%, especially relatively full employment, including 'double hit' played an important supporting role. 'double hit' also effectively promote structural adjustment, will promote development to rely more on human resources from over-reliance on natural resources and promoting economic growth in towards the high-end level.

Xi Jinping will visit the Manchester City soccer group stocks intensify sports warm-up

Xi Jinping's visit to Britain this week, football is expected to become the focus of humanities cooperation between the two countries, is considered to be the greatest catalyst of recent sports concept. According to the itinerary, Xi Jinping October 23 will visit Manchester City Football Group accompanied Cameron. This group It operates including several football clubs, including Manchester City and with over Buu, the United States, Africa, Asia more than ten countries on four continents youth football training institutions have a number of cooperation.

Xi Jinping October 18 interview with Reuters, said the next five years, China will build 20,000 football characteristic school, the Sino-British cooperation in huge football talent training, coaching and referee training in areas such as potential and early March, Xi Jinping met When visiting British Prince William, football is an important topic both sides.

45 companies ahead of 'exposure' 2015 report card four pronouncements forecasted 100%

Three quarterly disclosure Jianrugaochao, 2015 full-year results forecast after another.

According to the statistics show that there are currently 45 companies to disclose the 2015 full-year results forecast, which made it clear that there are 18 companies expected net profit growth to some extent. Of these, four companies made it clear that profit is possible It appears 100 percent year on year growth.

Raised assets rose to nearly 7 trillion decline in stock-based share narrowed

According to China's fund industry association to the latest data, as of the end of September 2015, China's domestic mutual fund management companies 100, where a joint venture 46, domestic companies 54, made public fund management qualification of the securities company nine, insurance and information management company 1 home. public fund assets total more than agency-managed 6.69 trillion yuan, compared with August edged up 0.75% MoM, which is the total size of the public offering, after falling for three months for the first time to rebound.

This year the growth rate of electricity or reduced to 1% GDP energy consumption continues to decline

The latest macro data released show growth in electricity demand in the first three quarters of 0.8%, GDP growth of 6.9%. Consumption was seen as a true reflection of economic changes leading indicators, however, the authorities pointed out that with changes in the economic growth structure, decrease consumption growth illustrates China's economic transformation started to work, the whole society GDP energy consumption continued to decline.

New World shareholder list 'margin - Huijin' Account occupy nine seats

New World today released three quarterly, the first three quarters to achieve revenues 2.053 billion yuan, up by 39.18%, net profit of 262 million yuan, up by 58.93%. In addition to substantial growth, the New World in this list of shareholders has also become a major three quarterly Highlight ten ordinary shares held by shareholders of the company before the show, the largest shareholder of New World Technology Group, up 32.98 percent stake, and the remaining nine seats were shareholders 'margin - Huijin - Series Account' sweep.

A Bentley won the 'monster' of the first card or for appreciation held by Shenzhen Property

Since July 9, Tellus A crash after the irrational and quickly hit a new high stage, but fell again after August 14, the second crash stabilize soon, since September 14th consecutive daily limit again. From September 14 to date 15 days, Tellus A cumulative increase of up to 179%.

Triangular alliance disintegrated sea Nexis or easy to master in Kehuitong

Listed fraud will eventually pay the price, yesterday suspended the sea Nexis (300 277) today announced the message or the easy to master. Sea Nexis announced that the second largest shareholder of the hole and the third largest shareholder SOCIALIST Biao Biao intends its holdings Part or all of the sea Nexis stock, transfer by agreement transfer to the Kehuitong (Shenzhen) Equity Investment Fund Limited, the share transfer may cause the Company's controlling shareholder, actual controller to change.

Shares transfer system for the first time to report to the State Council, the second wave can be expected dividend policy

October 19, << Securities Daily >> reporter from the National SME share transfer system insiders learned exclusively, the initial stratification National SME share transfer system (commonly known as the three new board) might be divided into two maximum. Multiple sources indicates , following the December 2013 State Council issued << State Council issued the relevant issues concerning the national SME share transfer system of decision >>, recently three new board will usher in the second wave of dividend policy.

Four-line dispatch workers fell to 2.87 million agricultural firms are still contrarian recruitment

According to << Securities Daily >> Reporters statistics, as of mid-year, four state-owned banks combined dispatch system has fallen 2.87 million employees, accounting for about 2%, representing a decrease of 14.5 million four years ago. However, Large banks did not put an end to self-dispatch system and employment popular industry rule, some small banks still contrarian recruitment. Jiangsu Province, a staff of 600 people less than the total number of agricultural firms, recently ready to breath recruitment outsourcing services 15-20 employment in the form of micro-loans account manager, whose job posting shows that employees perform well even if only can renew the contract, did not mention positive.

Huatong century play big games industry billions of dollars intended to buy Chinese hand travel and big game [microblogging] Equity

October 17, Century Huatong announcement that the proposed acquisition of 100% stake in China hand travel, while the company also discuss another Internet gaming industry's mergers and acquisitions, the total amount of the transaction is expected to more than 10 billion yuan. For such a big Huatong century Acquisition hand travel plans, Oct. 18 evening, Century Huatong secretaries solemn mountain to << Securities Daily >> reporter, he said the company is planning to double main industry.

Thirteen Five upgraded version of Chinese manufacturing molded intelligent manufacturing is the most important

Manufacturing upgrade will become an important issue, 'Thirteen Five' plan affect healthy development of China's economy. Looking to the next five years, intelligent manufacturing, 'double hit', the Internet, networking, and other strategic emerging industries targeted planning, China's manufacturing industry will gradually fall and have a positive impact next five years, an upgraded version of Chinese manufacturing is expected to gradually shape pattern, and 'Made in China 2025' and lay the foundation for long-term goals, so that the manufacturing sector continues to Chinese economy to provide continuous and reliable power development.

Six areas announced price changes since the first oil price adjustment window open today

According to the principle of an adjustment of refined oil 'ten days', a new round of oil price adjustment window will open today. Many analysts predict, since the inner round-denominated crude oil futures shock decline period, therefore, a new round of oil price It may remain stranded.

As of Friday, << Securities Daily >> reporter learned through statistical data, crude oil futures prices appear four-day losing streak, where WTI is down $ 3.25 / barrel, down 6.55%, Brent is down $ 3.94 / barrel, fell 7.48 percent.

'Crude oil futures fell for generating a synchronizing effect on the crude oil spot, continuing down the current round of refined oil price rises, and is expected to bring down to the next round.' Zhongyu information analyst in an interview with a high commitment Lufthansa << Securities Daily >> reporter, FIG.

Negative list system in 2018 unified national market cut into the serious dishonesty

19, the State Council officially issued << main tasks and supporting measures on market access list system of negative comments >> (hereinafter referred to as << views >>), defined the market access of the general negative list system requirements.

<< Views >> clear, since 2018 our country will formally implement a unified national market access negative list system. Release of this document, which means that China will start the establishment of a unified national market access negative list system.

National Development and Reform Commission for Restructuring the Economy Division said that the implementation of market access for the negative list system, is a major shift in government thinking, is a big step forward national governance systems and governance capacity, for the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better the play the role of government, the rule of law of the business environment, to build the new system open economy it has important significance.

Five factors boosting the economy gradually stabilized consumption or over 60 percent contribution rate

Mizuho Securities Asia chief economist Chen Jianguang that, given China's current employment and consumption stable, steady growth has increased the intensity, and the reform is well underway landing of China's economy is better than expected resilience, along with more expected in the fourth quarter proactive fiscal and monetary policy, and 13 five-year plan, Beijing, Tianjin and strategies have been landed, helping to drive infrastructure investment accelerated, support economic stabilization.

Specifically, to support economic growth in the fourth quarter to stabilize mainly the following factors: First, China's economy is currently undergoing a transformation two labor market remains stable and the real estate market to pick up three four five loose policy support sustained reform... forward.

Devaluation effect gradually in the fourth quarter exports can be expected to stabilize

Importers latest data show that the first three quarters of 7.9 percent and export growth rate dropped significantly, about 6 percent annual growth target and far removed from the beginning of the year. It is noteworthy that three quarters of the monthly decline in exports narrowed appear phenomenon. State Statistical Bureau spokesman Sheng to transport 19 at a news conference, said the next big import and export pressures. Despite the recent signing of the TPP little short-term impact on China's economy, but to pay attention to the impact on China's foreign trade TPP .

Analysts believe that the devaluation and stable foreign trade policy effects are gradually revealed, expected in the fourth quarter, exports can seasonally stabilized.

Sinopec oil quality upgrade acceleration [microblogging] comprehensive supplier of five gasoline and diesel to Hainan

At 0:00 on October 20, the Chinese Sinopec Hainan province's 287 gas stations in the country's overall supply five standard motor gasoline, diesel fuel, compared with the national requirements 72 days in advance.

After the upgrade of oil, compared with the country's four standards, national standard five gasoline and the sulfur content of diesel fuel decreased 80% (greater than 50ppm never reduced to not more than 10ppm), in order to calculate the equivalent emission vehicles, 5 using standard oil country five Cars sulfur dioxide emissions and emissions from product use a standard oil country, four fairly. Meanwhile, gasoline and diesel after the upgrade, the more the country will achieve at least four standard 10% and 7% of nitrogen oxide emissions, hydrocarbons , carbon monoxide, particulate matter emissions will be effectively controlled, can directly reduce exhaust PM2.5 emissions. In addition, the oil also helps to improve the combustion performance of the engine work more smoothly.

Sichuan Changhong shares eligible for the national team crush cattle scattered stick

Sichuan Changhong [microblogging] (600839) today released three quarterly, the first three quarters of the company to achieve operating income of 45.958 billion yuan, an increase of 11.13%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of -4.95 million, over the same period last year loss of 3.14 billion.

Although the performance loss, but the shareholders list can be found in the report period, certificate gold Huijin jointly reached the top ten shareholders, but in recent years Nagai forefront of shareholders holding two cattle scattered Meng Tsui, Wu Mingxiao the 'crush' , never holdings of shares.

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