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When a road game more and more fast food market is flooded with the occasion, we began to miss those rich playable outstanding works. Of course, here the game does not mean that fast food is bad, but compared to those players to a few hours of game masterpiece Kuaisutongguan , many players actually prefer to make themselves a hundred hours to devote himself to delve into the works. Of course, those who belong to the collection or simply relying on time-consuming to develop a system to brush the game, such as the typical JRPG or second-line Warriors game This column does not belong. Here I will share all respects are worth ten players put in long hours of outstanding game works.

1, the fate of

>> << Fate in the end how playable, with personal experience I can tell you in September last year, the fate of the first PS4 version << >> After, I joined a well-known game forum's official online population, while adding a lot Friends wasteland alone. And that time is also bundled with the glacier >> << fate white host simultaneous listing of times, so there are a lot of white PS4 directed to buy the same bundle of players. After a month, I tired of slowly This online mode of brush games, so slowly retreat pit. However, when I landed in the subsequent play other games PSN other times when they can still see these friends before adding to continue to fight in RAID, while I admire even more is, PS4 on sale for nearly two years to launch a number of outstanding game works, but the trophy list of these players in addition to related trophies >> << fate has almost no other game trophies, which means that from << After fate >> Offer to purchase PS4 host, these players have not played any other game except << >> fate outside have to say to those players who purchase >> << fate of their host surly do this while Activision claimed in its stage 'play Decade' and probably not an exaggeration.


2, Monster Hunter series

'Monster Hunter' series, though not the first to emphasize the elements of the game we were fighting, but it is this type of quality best, the greatest impact on the game. The birth and rise of the PS platform works was once the most popular PSP handheld One game, whether it is a single person or group with hunting, can allow players to easily invest hundreds of hours. At that time PSP crack mature and very popular during that period, the three installed the necessary game 'Monster Hunter' 'Dynasty Warriors' ' Ares ', the' Monster Hunter 'is the most playable game. Although when the card and the old bitch switch to any cooperation 3DS platform, but the game is still playable quality and did not fall, for some players, buy a' monster Hunter 'works and then play to the new series for sale are not uncommon.

monster hunter

3, Diablo 3

<< >> Diablo 2 and Red Alert CS game was one of the continent's cafes will be installed, this created a new model of industry ARPG works with its excellent quality, rich career and skill elements, full of randomness and Surprise of equipment falling property attached system so many players addicted to this, but also to the life of the game far more than other similar games. As the newest works << Diablo 3 >> due to server connection Although just listed, malignant BUG and other issues so many players, 'disappointed', and even some players given a 'live for three months,' the conclusion. But the fact mercilessly beat these players face a long period of time from the sale of the game, Games are in the key state of one yard hard to find, and with the rich game content, the new players are added to the growing and high loyalty these players, in their eyes in addition to 'Diablo 3' can no longer tolerate the other game (even accommodate no time to play. And with God on the line << Diablo 3 >> national dress, the game once again hit a new high line, it had to admire this for amazing charm.

Diablo 3

4, my world

The record sales miracle independent game presented to the player is not gorgeous screen effects, but a high degree of freedom and amazing game. Game, players can either single entertainment can also play with friends online, free construction and destruction from making cabins, castles, cities and even the magnificent city in the sky, as long as you are willing to under-resistant heart to their imagination are alone, while a variety of games MOD also increases the game's playable resistance, allowing the player to create their own works through to experience the feeling of God, completely build their own 'My World'! It can be said, as long as you are willing, let alone play a year, playing eight or ten years have no pressure.

my world

5, Forza 6

As the current host platform the best racing game Forza Motorsport << 6 >> charm natural Needless to say. As previously never touches the RAC works of the author, easy to get started after unwittingly invested nearly hundreds of hours of game time is enough to prove that the game has to offer. Whether a new player never touched realistic class racing game or the pursuit of true racing thrill of the old players, the game is you should not miss choice. 460 car models Forza Vista, 26 world-renowned track, wealth of game modes, only the single-player content on hundreds of players will not get bored enough to play on, plus supports up to 24 cars battle multiplayer mode, It is definitely a value for money game masterpiece!

Forza 6

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