Oct. 20 news early bus: Xi Jinping January 2 blow economy "heater" force growth is expected to stabilize

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[Xi month two blow economy 'heater' steady growth is expected to force] against fears that a slowdown in the Chinese economy, Xi Jinping, told Reuters in an interview that a country's economic growth is fast or slow is normal, 'can not just say can accelerate, not slow down, which is not in line with economic laws. 'He said that the fundamentals of China's economic development stability has not changed,' the prospects are very bright, 'the future will be to promote the' along the way 'capacity building and international cooperation, boosting China and the world economy growth (China News

[Market Access negative list system since December and gradually open] << State Council recently issued opinions on the negative list of market access regime >> clear the implementation of market access requirements negative list system in general, the main tasks and supporting measures << opinions >> pointed out that market access is a negative list system expressly refers to the State Department to list in the territory of People's Republic of China listed prohibitions and restrictions on investment management industry, field, business and other levels of government to take appropriate management measures according to law a series of institutional arrangements. industry, field, business and other types of market players access to markets outside the negative list Jieke equal access to the law. (China Securities Journal

[Raised assets rose to nearly 7 trillion decline in stock-based share narrowed] According to the China Fund Industry Association latest data, as of the end of September 2015, there were a total of 100 fund management companies, including 46 joint ventures, 54 domestic companies, made public fund management company nine qualified securities, insurance and information management company 1. public fund assets total more than agency-managed 6.69 trillion yuan, compared with August edged up 0.75% MoM, which is the total size of the public offering dropped three in a row the first time in months after the rebound. (China Securities Journal

[GDP growth in six years for the first time 'broken 7' old economy accelerated momentum switch] 'China's current economy is in a difficult process of converting the kinetic energy of the old and new,' Premier Li Keqiang mentioned three times in the last week of this sentence. NBS yesterday released data show that three quarters of China's GDP growth fell to 6.9 percent, the first time below 7 percent since the second quarter of 2009 real estate investment engine flameout, iron and steel, cement and other traditional industries with excess capacity in the growth rate of decline, the outlet pressure increase These are harbingers of weakening the old kinetic energy. At the same time, the service sector accounted for over 50% of GDP, consumption continues to serve as the first power of economic growth, high-tech industrial production growth rate far exceeding the industry average growth rate, indicating that the new momentum of economic growth In the rise. (Shanghai Securities News

[Year of electricity or reduced to 1% GDP growth in energy consumption continues to decline] released the latest macro data show growth in electricity demand in the first three quarters of 0.8%, GDP growth of 6.9 percent. Electricity has been regarded as a true reflection of economic changes leading indicators, however, the authorities pointed out that with changes in the economic growth structure, the decline in consumption growth shows that China economic transformation started to work, the whole society GDP energy consumption continued to decline. (Shanghai Securities News

[Domestic oil prices today or greet the seventh year increase] Reporters learned from a number of social monitoring bodies, today (October 20 Nisshin a domestic oil price adjustment window officially open, the seventh increase during the year is expected to be honored, but due to a lesser extent, it is difficult to domestic 93 # and 92 # gasoline rose to 6 yuan price level Push times, to boost the oil market is limited. (Economic Information Daily)

[Before September real estate investment growth fell to 2.6% of the property market pretty much started the battle] the 19th National Bureau of Statistics released data show that from January to September, the national real estate development and investment rose by 2.6% nominal growth, higher than 1-8 March down 0.9 percentage points. This is the housing reform since 1998 China has experienced the worst investment data. Industry analysts said it will encourage local governments continue to implement liberal policies, effective release of a positive signal. (Economic Information Daily)

[Automobile low annual passenger growth foregone conclusion inventory pressure continued unabated] Automobile Association statistics show that in September, the Chinese auto market, ending five consecutive months of decline, began to rebound. Industry experts generally believe that, with the the October introduction of low-emission vehicle purchase tax policy, is expected to continue to drive the market further pick-up in the fourth quarter, particularly in the passenger car market. Nevertheless, the annual low growth is a foregone conclusion. (Beijing Morning News

[Production Upgrade Version China Thirteen Five forming intelligent manufacturing is the most important] manufacturing upgrades will become an important issue, 'Thirteen Five' plan affect healthy development of China's economy. Looking to the next five years, intelligent manufacturing, 'double hit 'Internet, networking, and other strategic emerging industries targeted planning, China's manufacturing industry will gradually fall and have a positive impact next five years, an upgraded version of Chinese manufacturing is expected to gradually shape pattern, and for the' Made in China 2025 'and lay the foundation for long-term goals, so that the manufacturing sector continues to provide continuous and reliable power for China's economic development. (Economic Information Daily

[Two financial balance and then close trillion leverage cautious upward] market significantly warmer since October, data showed, financing the balance of the two cities has been a net inflow of 7 consecutive days, approaching one trillion yuan again financing to buy two cities the size of a single day Recovering from 30 billion yuan to more than a thousand billion trough levels. However, compared with last December 2 when the financial balance for the first time exceeded one trillion yuan, showing the current financing funds abandoned the broader market heavyweight, followed by hot topics characteristics. (Shanghai Securities

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