Cheaper Volkswagen Bora exposure: change engine

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 747

After exposure Jetta 1.5L models, Volkswagen Bora another compact sedan will launch 1.5L model.

It is reported that the new 1.5L models equipped with power and cash 1.6L / 1.4T engine belong to the EA211 series, matching MQ200 five-speed manual transmission gearbox.

Currently in China, Volkswagen production models, equipped with a naturally aspirated engine of the EA211 1.4L and 1.6L two different displacement, and the new 1.5L engine displacement between the two, is expected in the power difference is not large .

After increasing the 1.5L engine, 1.6L version should be abandoned, 1.4T version will obviously be retained due to reduced engine displacement, corresponding to the consumption tax will fall, so in the same configuration, 1.5L version than 1.6L cheaper version of about 2000 dollars.

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Traditional Chinese: 更便宜的大眾寶來曝光:換發動機