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Today, as the Ford campaign in the large SUV market heavy vehicle --2016 Ford sharp boundary officially listed and fully to the shop. Adhering to the full range of leading product advantages, while maintaining the original price of the same, based on the 2016 Ford bring sharp boundary 5 2.0-liter EcoBoost? 245 models, a further escalation of smart technology configuration, equipped with the new SYNC? 3-vehicle connection system, is committed to smart consumers leapfrog the era and the first line of travel experience.

Ford Edge since its inception last year, the first in the large SUV market equipped with a unique five siblings and 14 class-leading configuration, thanks to its optimal performance space at the same level, the same level of the strongest combination of power many leapfrog configuration, superior vehicle quality and safety performance of a full range of leading product advantages, access to the consumer market continued trust and high recognition, namely market six months jumped on sales 'million club', successfully established a large SUV market value of the new model.

With the increase of consumers' intelligent Internet experience and automotive demand, 2016 Ford sharp boundary sustained excellence, the first to carry the forefront of mobile Internet technology --SYNC? 3 board connectivity system, Ford became the model lineup in China for the first time this system equipped models .2016 Ford sharp boundary in order to continue to better ourselves gesture strong debut, success is bound to large SUV value of the new height.

2016 Ford Edge models offer contains 5, 7 edition, including five 2.0-liter models, the manufacturer's suggested retail prices are as follows:

Enjoy innovative mobile Internet SYNC? 3 Smart Life

2016 Ford Edge models equipped with SYNC? 3 board connectivity system, more responsive, more intuitive interface, more convenient operation, the intelligent operating experience comparable to the most advanced intelligent equipment, but also smart phones and many applications seamlessly mobile to be the first pilot of the era of Internet technology to provide more intelligence to every consumer travel solutions.

Comprehensive upgrade of voice recognition technology, available everyday language and customs control many functions of communication, navigation, music, etc. Just tell the voice control system, 'I need a cup of coffee,' 'I have to refuel,' or 'I'm going to the airport' and other commands, system will automatically find cafes, gas stations, or navigate to a nearby airport, as if the vehicle's personal assistant, allowing you to concentrate more on driving.

Evolution 8-inch touch screen smart interactive era for us. Full support for multi-touch and gesture zoom operation, flat style interface easy to read, large keys make the operation more convenient, bring rival smartphone Internet experience , the new Chinese handwriting input, built the huge Chinese thesaurus, supports destination association functions automatically.

Further optimization of Internet technology, leaving the whole family immersed in exclusive private sharing time. Upgraded AppLink? Function compatible QQ music, dragonflies FM, Sina weather pass, koala FM, the Himalayas and China FM broadcast, including many applications, let the whole car can enjoy your favorite music. in addition, SYNC? 3 board connectivity system also features built-in Apple carPlay interfacing iPhone through the car USB, you can through the multi-touch screen and voice control, and enjoy iOS similar experience, perfect for all of your usage habits.

Continue to enjoy the full range of leading car ownership experience leapfrog

As a 'full range of leading 7 SUV', Ford Edge equipped with a series of innovative smart technology leapfrog configuration, highlights the extraordinary overall strength. Sibling unique power-folding rear seat row 3 7 designs, dimming LED headlamps, active parking assist system, 360-degree panoramic image visualization system, ACS many beyond peer configuration of the low-speed traffic safety system, creating a cutting-edge intelligent driving experience, the 2016 Ford sharp boundary also You can enjoy.

2016 Ford sharp boundary 2.0-liter EcoBoost? GTDi engine, the maximum power output of 180 kW, maximum torque of 350 Nm, the application of twin-scroll turbo technology and S / S automatic start-stop system to achieve a strong power and efficiency perfect energy balance.

Moreover, smart technology configuration to further enhance the 2016 Ford sharp boundary, will continue in the loading space, dynamic performance, safety and excellent vehicle quality and other aspects of strength, continuing to build consumer to attain excellence in car ownership experience.

2016 Ford Edge models equipped with numerous class-leading configuration and user-friendly equipment. Luxury class-leading 10.1-inch full-color digital instrument panel, electrically heated steering wheel and oversized panoramic sunroof and other configurations, allowing consumers to easily enjoy the luxurious ride quality, and the whole system comes standard with a tire pressure monitoring system, steering wheel shift paddles, many configuration MyKey my smart keys, seven airbags and curtain airbags and electronic child safety locks to keep children safe and ISO Fix child seat interface , but also to enhance the large SUV staffing levels to new heights.

It is worth mentioning that the Ford Edge 2.0L GTDi two-drive model with 56.5 points Hao Rui outstanding achievements, won the C-NCAP [2] five-star safety rating, and further establish seven large SUV safety harness new benchmark, to consumers with safe, comfortable car ownership life escort.

2016 Ford Rui sector will continue to sharpen the strength of the product, as well as the times and the first line of smart travel experience, continue consolidating its market competitiveness, to further consolidate its leading position in the large SUV market. Starting today, consumers can visit Changan Ford authorized dealers, to experience SYNC? leapfrog smart 3-car connection system, Yu Kam 2016 Ford sharp boundary leading comprehensive strength.

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Traditional Chinese: 創領互聯風潮越享智能出行 2016款福特銳界智尊上市