What should be most valued car is?

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 347

Car, to learn to understand it. More expensive cars do not take good care of a few years it will be enough. They provide a cheap car, went to repair defective, for the maintenance of normal. Still allow you to open a decade, not domestic, joint venture where to cut prices, there is no joint venture, where the autonomous progress for car firm says it is not strong, we are not bumper cars, deliberately installed in highway vehicles collided What are the slag slag car, no matter what brand of car. thinking good car, listen to others according to their needs and level of economic choice, or do not buy, say ten people can give you a dozen brand vision of each person different ideas. say more, equal to what you can say that I have wood He said the key is your own decision

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Traditional Chinese: 買車最應該看重的是什麽?