Zheng Yan Jiang Box | Chart in this Social Security beneficiaries are not you?

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The author / Jiang Zheng Yan

[Jiang Yan] Xinjiang Eighth Party Congress five years ago, the regional party committee put forward a series of new ideas, Xinjiang social stability and long-term stability and lay a solid foundation. This year, the autonomous region will celebrate the Ninth Party Congress, Jiang Zheng Yan (micro signal: zheng_yanjiang launched the 'rule Xinjiang new concept' series of planning, today launched construction of the Xinjiang people's livelihood respondents (IV of the Social Security.

In 2010, Zhang Chunxian secretary took office shortly after, they put '57 workers', 'family workers' pension issue as a top priority to solve the 30 million beneficiaries, the reputation of the project has been commendable. Thereafter, Xinjiang,' the people's livelihood temperature ' continues to rise, the social security system solid progress: a sense of security, medical, injury has insurance, unemployment and maternity secure ...... constantly improve the social security system for people of all nationalities hold up great. ' umbrella. '

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Traditional Chinese: 鄭言江專欄|這張社保圖表裏的受益人有沒有你?