"First Chinese Young Artist Award" announced in Chengdu

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Original title: 'The First Chinese Young Writers Award' announced in Chengdu

China news agency, Chengdu, May 23 (Reporter Xu Yangyi) -, 'The first Chinese Young Writers Award' ceremony was held 23 May in Chengdu, Sichuan. Young writers from Changchun Wang Wang << >> won the countdown fiction master Award, '90' to the writer Vinci << >> Western mind to get the main prize poetry class, rather than the fictional master class prize by '80' writer Wang Xuan with time work at low << >> gains.

'First Chinese Young Writers Award' by the young writer << >> magazine sponsored, set up a Prize for Fiction, Poetry Prize 1, a non-fiction writing award, the prize money 50,000 yuan. The award for the Chinese domestic 40 the age of writers and poets, within a year of their domestic competitions published literature, aimed at providing a platform for young writers and push the path to become a master.

In order to ensure the authority and impartiality of the award, the award jury to the Chinese Writers Association Vice-President Li Jingze, Sichuan Province Writers Association President, O << >> editor of People's Literature battle Shi Jun, deputy editor << Poetry >> Shang Zhen < <Chinese writer Wang Shan >> editor, << >> main harvest programming Yongxin, Zhongshan << >> editor Gumeng Wei, Sichuan Province writers Association Vice-President Liang equality committee composed by the judges and voted 7 network: 3 ratio , selected the final winners.

As Chinese Writers Association Vice-President Li Jingze one of the judges, said he is more concerned with a number of literary works 'challenge or offensive' meant. Li Jingze emphasized that literature can not be too dull to reflect the young writer's style and thought, 'For us old a generation, these articles will look sharp, we will see more of these 'offensive' our articles. '

Turning to the original intention of the establishment of this award, Sichuan Province Writers Association Vice-President Liangping said that the current Chinese literature there are many literary awards, but not specifically for young writers pure literary award. 'We want to create a pure literary awards, those with outstanding works of Chinese literature were pure, good writers dig out and give them a platform to show their literary style, thrusting them onto the literary master of the road. 'Liangping said.

'We are determined to fight this award with Japanese Akutagawa literary prize par national literary awards.' Liangping said, 'This time the work has not been able to get a unanimous vote of the jury, we hope that through the annual awards event, to encourage young writers to create more outstanding works, let Chinese literature flourishing, colorful. '(End)

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Traditional Chinese: “首屆華語青年作家獎”成都揭曉