Hefei metropolitan formally incorporated into the Yangtze River Delta Development Plan

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Hefei metropolitan formally incorporated into the Yangtze River Delta Development Plan of Anhui usher in a new development opportunities

Formally Anhui network through radio and television May 22 hearing of the State Council << Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration Development Planning >> clear Hefei metropolitan formally incorporated into the Yangtze River Delta development plan. Hefei metropolitan join the Yangtze River Delta, as well as for Hefei, Anhui whole province, it will usher in a new development opportunity.

Hefei Finance - Hong Kong listed company in Hefei Optics Valley Industrial Park to build the financial, until now, the park has introduced financial enterprises, enterprises of modern business services, creative design class of nearly 100 corporate clients. Optics Valley Development Co., Ltd. Administration Director Wu Huaxiang said, Hefei Yangtze River Delta Metropolitan join such a good park will further enhance the ability of industries to relocate: 'Hefei rich human resources of a city, universities are more cost Hefei human resources throughout the relevant elements relatively low cost, it is suitable for financial institutions in the establishment of such a service base here. '

By means of Hefei, Wuhu mussels innovation comprehensive experimental zone and the Little City with the construction of industrial transfer demonstration zone and other national strategic platform, Hefei in recent years has become the country's fastest growing capital city. In the first quarter, GDP Hefei growth rate ranks middle of the first, second Yangtze River Delta city deputy center. Hefei Mayor Zhang Qingjun said the Hefei metropolitan area was included in the Yangtze River Delta city group << >> development plan, further development of Hefei, and then upgrade power source: 'we want to aim at the developed areas along the coast, and our work proactively pulled all undertakings benchmark, play to our unique advantages, to participate in such a rational division of labor between the Yangtze River Delta, the development of the dislocation the climb through the ladder, speed up our industrial restructuring, the formation of one plus one is greater than 2 such an effect. '

Hefei metropolitan join the Yangtze River Delta, Anhui province for it, it will usher in a great opportunity for development. Joint Development will create a new model in the area of the province, Hefei metropolitan area as a leader, led the group in Northern City, Wanjiang urban Agglomeration round butt into the Yangtze River Delta by the provincial Housing Department Deputy Chief engineer and Director of urban planning at the high ice loose:. 'Anhui terms of regional linkage is critical, is received in Northern Xuzhou Metropolitan Jiangsu, Anhui is received Zhejiang the Hangzhou Bay metropolitan area. so this is equal to such a development axis of the Yangtze River Delta city of two major metropolitan area in series, or that is an economic development zone. '

The State Council in 2030, the Yangtze River Delta city group has built a comprehensive global influence, world-class city group, and five clear mandate to reform and build new heights, striving to open new vanguard, take the lead in the development of the new economy, in order to provide development of ecological protection the new support, the creation of new joint model development reform and development Research Institute of Renmin University of China Wu Xiaohua:. 'this round of development planning to raise the Hefei to a new strategic level up, as Anhui, the city with the Yangtze River Delta industrial docking, Anhui industry, Anhui opening level will usher in a big improvement stage. '

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Traditional Chinese: 合肥都市圈正式納入長三角城市群發展規劃